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A new name, brand, and website to launch Enablit as a leading Microsoft Collaboration Practice

The Challenge

Enablit is a UK based Microsoft Collaboration Practice with offices in London, Liverpool, and Cardiff. A new business launched within MeetingZone, it provides informed voice, meeting and contact centre guidance, transition, and support services. 

The big aim for Enablit was to move towards being a consultancy led partner, helping client businesses successfully navigate and access services in the Microsoft cloud via Microsoft Teams, all while harnessing their 15 years of experience delivering ‘voice’ collaboration solutions and expanding their services beyond ‘just voice’.

The Solution

The project was exciting, as not only did our design team have a ‘blank canvas’ to lead the creation of a new name, brand and WordPress website, but the project was also split into three integrated yet distinct stages

We focused on discovery, brand, and website development. All three had to support the shift in focus away from voice only hosted services, to a consultancy around Microsoft delivered services and hybrids, creating clarity around the different product types and ensuring the website helps to increase lead generation and sales.

Brand & name

As our designers sat down with Enablit, we kicked off the session with a number of workshops led by our team. The first focused on developing a brand archetype, brainstorming the symbolic ideas that represent fundamental needs and desires. The second focused around logo design and development as well as the very name of the company. The new brand ideals, name, and logo had to work in harmony to push Enablit to be recognisable in the market, and stand out from the competition.


With increased attention on user experience across different types of devices we had to ensure that the website has a simple and intuitive UX. The website was designed and built to improve clarity of user journeys, have a clear presentation of the service offering, and increase generation of leads for the new business unit.

The Enablit business has two different user types. Partners, who need to find expertise in Microsoft Collaboration/Workplace services when selling to their customers, and direct ‘end users’. As a result we had to ensure that the goals of ‘simple and clear UX’ were being tailored to both groups.

Web design & development

The 93digital team used their own ‘Modular Development Framework’ to ensure a flexible, and easy to use CMS for the Enablit team to publish content moving forward.


One of the key drivers behind WordPress powering such a large part of the internet is the ease of use for the end user, as a result we ensured that the new website was easy and fast to manage for the marketing team.

Video content

With people watching significantly more videos now than ever before, and 88% of video marketers reporting a positive ROI, the website was optimised for video content, with videos hosted on Vimeo and YouTube to be displayed across the site and support the sales journey.

Notable features

  • Workshop sessions for new name & brand
  • UX designed for a number of personas
  • Development of a brand archetype
  • Multilingual support
  • Fully modular build
  • Video optimised website



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