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Company Goal:

Protect borders, businesses and consumers from counterfeit products

Clarity's Challenge:

Solidify Entrupy’s authority in the anti-counterfeiting conversation


Manufacturing and selling counterfeit products is something done in the shadows, and very little about how this underground market works is actually known. While the general public may occasionally get news of big seizures of fake handbags and sneakers by customs officials at ports of entry, these stories don’t tell us anything about the market itself.

Entrupy, on the other hand, had terabytes of data on counterfeit accessories. Clarity proposed that we leverage that proprietary data to position the company as more than just experts on identifying fakes. We could position them as the foremost authorities on the entire (black) market.

Creating a report with absolutely no model to work from was no easy task. The first step was simply getting all the data together. Not knowing what would and would not yield interesting findings, we compared year over year, state over state, brand over brand, and as we parsed the numbers, we began the painstaking process of identifying the noteworthy and interesting numbers around which we could derive insights.

Once we’d spliced, diced, inspected and detected the nuggets of gold, we began tackling challenge #2: turning all of this data into a report. Clarity and Entrupy collaborated to identify trends and provide high-level insights that would add something fresh and valuable to the conversation about product counterfeiting.

The full report, designed by the Clarity team, was released on World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, June 6.


  • In less than one week, the report was covered by global media including The New York Post, Jing Daily, Yahoo.Lifestyle, Style.Nine, HighSnobiety, Fashionista, Luxury Daily, The Fashion Law, Glossy, Sourcing Journal, Anti Corruption Digest and Fashion Manuscript.
  • The Report has been accessed over 1400 times
  • Traffic to Entrupy's website doubled in the days following the report's release
  • The report is currently a finalist in the PRDaily Content Marketing Awards

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