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Over half of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Even is trying to fix that, by building new financial services that make it easier to make ends meet, pay down debt, and save money.

Company Goal:

End the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle

Clarity's Challenge:

Don’t Follow the Money


When raised a significant Series B from some stellar VC’s, they knew they had news and engaged with Clarity, but they really didn’t want to tell that story. They wanted press to focus on their mission, not their backers; about the company’s actual successes in supporting their users, not convincing VC’s to support their company. Frankly, we think funding stories are as dry as dirt to boot. If we had a dollar for every “startup X raises $$$$ in funding” headline we’ve read over the years, we would just go ahead and start our own venture fund.

Turns out, Even’s (at the time) 6 month long partnership with Walmart had also created one of the most successful employee benefits ever offered by the largest employer in the US.

So, where most firms would happily blast out a copy and paste funding press release, we took the opportunity in a different direction. We worked closely with Even and Walmart’s PR teams to craft a story that used the funding as a “hook”, but focused on the human stories of Walmart associates using Even and the data that proved both companies were onto something big.


  • Even’s CEO met one-on-one with reporters from The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Associated Press, Reuters, Forbes, Bloomberg, and more.
  • Secured 30+ pieces of original coverage in the first week of the news.
  • Generated significant increase in new Even partnership leads with Fortune 500 companies.
  • The headline in Bloomberg echoed our company mission verbatim: “Walmart's Fintech Partner Helps Break Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle”
  • The CEO was named as one of 2018’s Most Daring Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine.

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