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Stopping a harmful procurement process

Resonate, a rail signalling company, needed support to politicise and change a procurement strategy being untaken that threatened its long-term business. 

What we did

We helped Resonate to prove that their technology was more innovative and flexible and would lead to significant cost savings for Network Rail and the taxpayer by:

  • Briefing the Transport Committee about the flawed procurement strategy which led to the Committee publicly questioning the Head of Network Rail;
  • Securing a visit from the Transport Secretary to Resonate’s office;
  • Convincing Government to ask the independent rail regulator to look into the procurement issue to substantiate the savings on offer; and
  • Generating national news coverage which shined further light on the issue. 

The Results

By raising concerns and bringing attention to the issue at the highest political level, Resonate forced Network Rail and industry to cease their “Traffic Management” programme.



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