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Tempow is building products that push the limits of Bluetooth, including a Bluetooth protocol that enables a mobile phone to connect to multiple speakers and headphones at once.

Company Goal:

Build the Dolby Labs of Bluetooth

Clarity's Challenge:

Paint a hardware vision using only software


Led by one of the most energetic, engaging, and hardest hustling young startup CEO’s in the world, Vincent Nallathamby, a small team of engineers out of Paris embarked on a mission tech giants long ago abandoned: unlocking the true potential of the Bluetooth protocol.

Few people think about it when pairing their phones to earbuds or a home speaker system, but Bluetooth is an incredibly powerful piece of software that can be used for so much more than “connect device A to device B”. Back in 2016, Vincent and the team at Tempow took this misunderstood piece of tech under their wing and built the Tempow Audio Protocol (TAP) with the initial application of allowing one phone create a surround sound system with any number of speakers from any 3rd party brand.

This test case proved incredibly fruitful when they caught the eye of Motorola and became one of the showstopping features for the Moto X4, unveiled at IFA 2017.

This was where the Clarity team came in – Tempow needed to leverage this opportunity to make big splash at IFA while still respecting the highly secretive unveiling of the X4. It was a great problem for a startup to have, but fraught with peril. At such an early stage, mishandling this launch could mean disaster.

Clarity worked closely with both Tempow and Motorola to develop a strategy that would allow high-value press to get a preview of the Tempow features on the new X4 for 24 hours ahead of the big unveiling. As a result of Clarity’s efforts, the Tempow team met with some of the world’s top journalists and, in addition to getting incredible coverage, won 3 different awards at the show.


  • 40 pieces of original press coverage in under 24 hours at Europe's largest tech show
  • 3 "Best in Show" awards for Tempow software at a show largely dominated by hardware
  • Created necessary buzz to push forward the company's efforts to raise their series A
  • Led to long-lasting relationships with tech press, leading to ongoing coverage for future TAP iterations

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