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what3words is the easiest way to describe any precise location. Every 3 metre (10ft) square in the world has been given a unique address made of 3 random words. what3words addresses are precise, enabling them to specify building entrances, unlike a street address which identifies an entire building. 

The Challenge

What3Words tasked Clarity to /// with their nifty system to split the world into exact 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares, each with its own 3-word address.

Our Solution

We partnered What3Words with AirBnb to get the 3x3 for a Yurt in Mongolia that moves multiple times a year, has no street address, and is only accessible after a 3 day trek via reindeer.

Clarity used the Airbnb story to meet with the world’s top press, critical to what3words’ mission: automotive, smart cities,  logistics and hit their goal of local and global travel PR.



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