By Sami McCabe

Does the truth matter any more?

Last month, 17.4 million people in the UK voted to leave the EU – a decision influenced, one assumes, by a succession of outright lies peddled by Brexit campaigners.

To the amazement of everyone who follows US politics, Donald Trump – an amusing rank outsider just 12 months ago – is the Republican Party candidate for the President of the United States, riding a wave of populism fuelled by a litany of untruths.…

I was invited to chat to around 30 startups at the Emerge Clinic during Festival of Media Global today. In a market where differentiators are hard to come by and even more challenging to communicate in a compelling way, adtech startups are faced with a choice: Communicate your proposition clearly or jump on the jargon bandwagon with everyone else in order to be understood.

So, here are five ways to get noticed in the cluttered world of adtech:

No-one cares about your product: Try to remember that no-one gives a shit about your product, or your business.

It’s a phrase that PR agencies and clients like to trot out – more often than not during the pitch – and everyone says “yes, great idea!” and then it usually goes one of two ways. It withers on the vine, due to lack of resources; or ends up as some horrifically over-branded marketing content that’s never going to be shared.


So what makes a video go viral? I’ve had two videos on my Facebook that have had considerable shares and while the things they covered are very different, the basic principle is the same.

The journey of Clarity PR over the past (nearly) four years has been a challenging one, mirroring the ups and downs of many of the tech startups that we cut our collective teeth working with.

However, we’ve emerged stronger than ever, with a very talented team of creative, dedicated and inspired individuals, and we’re continuing to grow. While our growth is another story, here’s a related tale – that of Clarity branching out from what has been our traditional service offering to date.…

The press release has become a PR tool so routinely used in day-to-day activities by communication professionals that its usefulness is rarely put into question. Many of my clients take a press release for granted and see it as a tool that makes my PR services tangible. My observation, however, is that in most cases, the press release is not the most important medium to get in touch with media.

There have been many discussions about this topic, such as Mike Butcher’s recent claim that the press release is dead.

Every day each one of us receives hundreds (if not thousands) of messages. Whether it’s an advertisement on the subway, a post on Facebook, or an article on the front page of The New York Times, messages are being delivered to us on a regular basis.

One of the challenges we face is cutting through this noise long enough to decipher what’s valuable and what’s not. This is especially true for brands looking to secure the interest of U.S. media. With journalists’ inboxes already overflowing with new businesses and endless story ideas, the competition to have your message heard is undoubtedly fierce.…

Here at Clarity we love an excuse for a great social event, and last weekend we were lucky enough to take a weekend trip to Berlin to network and spend some quality time with our global counterparts.

The weekend was jam-packed: meeting clients, new team members, new faces in the startup scene at the TechStars networking event in a thumping underground venue – in true Berliner party style!

The Berlin contingent were excellent hosts and hooked us up with the best venues so we got a real flavour of the city – sampling some real Bavarian food, and a considerable amount of German beer on our boat party!

2019 Update: We have once again decided to refresh our brand! Check out the new-new branding here.

The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that we have a new brand and new website.

It’s been a very long time coming. When we launched Clarity PR back in early 2013, everything was done on a shoestring.

The ‘logo’ was just text. The website was pulled together in-house. Given we didn’t spend a penny on marketing, the results were pretty solid: to the wider world we looked like something resembling a ‘proper business’.…

“Tell me about what you would bring to the Senior Kitten Manager role”  

You’ve made it out of college and survived your first internship, your first day on the job, your first performance review, and your first office holiday party. Whether you’ve been at your first job for months or most of your adult life, at some point you may want to explore what else is out there. Your first job equipped you not only with the skills specific to your industry, but also how to function in a workplace environment.…

Regardless of your organization or industry, attracting and retaining talent will always remain a priority. As the employment industry continues to rebuild itself after the 2008 financial crisis, employers are looking for ways to retain qualified talent. Finding a candidate that fits a role can be challenging. Ensuring that the talent you acquire stays engaged and committed is becoming another task that companies must dedicate resources towards.

According to a Gallup poll, less than one third of the U.S. workforce are engaged in their current jobs.…


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