Progress or regress? Upskill or deskill? Replace or augment? Generative AI is causing debate around the world, even leading the conversation l bill at Davos earlier this month. The creative industry and the communications world are in the midst of grappling with the role and potential of AI technology. The recent Getty Images court case shows just how complex the situation has become.

While there’s no doubt that AI  will create some fundamental changes and opportunities, the jury is still out on exactly how, what and when.

As a copywriter by trade and a general advocate for human creativity, I’m probably in one of the main categories of people threatened by the stunning emergence of ChatGPT. I remember fielding questions from colleagues back in December, when the mainstream caught wind of OpenAI’s new chatbot. What did I think? Was I intimidated, curious, worried about my job? At first I indulged in a usual tendency to scoff. I am a humble writer with zero practical skills, but I refuse to be scared by the prospect of automated labour.


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