Building on his Autumn Statement that aimed to bring stability back to the UK economy, Chancellor Jeremy Huntʼs March Budget was focused on providing voters with a positive economic outlook ahead of the upcoming General Election in 2024/5.

While the Chancellor was keen to highlight the more positive economic situation and the avoidance of a technical recession, the speech was delivered against an economic backdrop that will still see real household disposable incomes fall over the next two years, with little room for manoeuvre in a tight fiscal position.

“British Businesses to Save Billions Under New UK Version of GDPR” is the UK Government’s headline announcement ahead of the publication of a new post-Brexit data protection law. Will they, however, and what are the implications for businesses with a global mindset?

About the Bill

The Data Protection and Digital Information (DPDI) Bill is a complicated and multifaceted bill. It brings together post-Brexit reform of the UK version of the GDPR and changes to cookie rules, with a reset of the governance framework of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and a whole range of changes, including around digital identity and nuisance calls.…


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