Like most entrepreneurial people, I’m a relentless optimist. 

I’m also a devout Stoic and, when faced with adversity, consciously remind myself that in every challenging situation lies an opportunity for growth – even if it doesn’t always feel like it at the time.

So despite the growing evidence that the global economy is in sharp decline and will potentially enter into recession, I find myself feeling quietly confident that Clarity will take this opportunity to become an even stronger, bigger and healthier business than we are today. 

At Clarity, we believe in perfecting the blend of art and science in our client campaigns. Nowhere more so than through combining digital and comms expertise to give our clients that vital edge. 

In our opinion, clients shouldn’t have to go to different agencies for services as inherently intertwined as comms and digital. Bringing them under one roof delivers better results and better ROI on many levels. 

For one, given the soaring credibility of earned media in an increasingly fragmented landscape, it’s a smart move to employ SEO and other digital techniques to media relations progammes allowing clients to optimise reach and connect with their target audience. 

It’s been a turbulent and challenging few years, to put it mildly. 

Since 2016 we’ve had to navigate a Trump presidency, Brexit, a global pandemic, an attempted insurrection at the Capitol, widespread civil unrest, rampant wildfires, a gun violence epidemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, an assault on women’s reproductive rights, the growing threat to the civil rights of many groups … I could go on. 

The prevailing sense of us being in a state of “perma-crisis” has exposed serious failings across all our political systems and it has become clear that we can no longer solely rely on our governments to continue advancing the arc of human progress – and certainly not at the pace we need. 

As an agency that’s obsessed with measurement and evaluation, at Clarity we are proud to be members of AMEC (Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications), the organization setting the gold standard for measurement in our industry. 

And last month, it was my pleasure to attend their 14th annual summit, held in the beautiful city of Vienna. It was so great to spend the week with old friends, lockdown connections and network with the incredible AMEC community; but there was lots to learn too…so here’s my main takeaways from a jam-packed week!

Clarity is a leading global marketing and communications agency driven by a belief in the power of technology to make a positive impact on the world.

Only one in 200 startups attain scaleup status according to research by Deloitte and THNK. While that’s a great achievement, even reaching this point is no guarantee of future success. In fact, 70% of scaleups fail.

There are, of course, a multitude of reasons for this. Every business is unique and has its own path and challenges.…

George Floyd’s final words had a deep impact on Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, founder of 1000 Black Voices, who went through the stages of grief in identifying with the racially-motivated brutality experienced by a fellow human being and Black person. 

1000 Black Voices was founded as a result of this moment in time; Elizabeth decided that enough was enough and that she wanted to make the most of her experience in the education and corporate worlds to drive authentic equity in society. 

Despite operating in an industry typically known for being ‘creative’, creativity in communications isn’t as easy as you might think. A lot of the time, it’s not as simple as receiving a brief, diving into a brainstorm and walking out with a handful of award winning campaign ideas. 

First off, it’s about reframing the problem:

Client briefs will look at the problem from the business’ point of view

The business needs more sales, a change in perception, an increase in awareness.

I couldn’t be prouder or more excited today to announce Clarity’s acquisition of 93digital – one of the world’s fastest-growing and most innovative digital agencies. 

This deal significantly accelerates our progress towards realizing our vision for a new kind of marketing communications agency: an agency that combines the magic of storytelling with the science of data to help solve our clients’ hardest challenges and seize their biggest opportunities; and an agency that believes in the power of technology to be a force for positive change in the world.

Last month we celebrated Sustainability Week, an initiative developed seven years ago by Economist Impact. And this week we see Earth Day take place, as it does on 22nd April every year.

While it’s great to see such an important issue being highlighted by events, panels, articles and op-eds, it’s also a concern that every week isn’t Sustainability Week, particularly given the dire warnings from the latest IPCC report. It assessed the impact of climate change, looked at ecosystems, biodiversity, and human communities at global and regional levels.

Volgens Gartner ziet 83% van chief communications officers hun invloed groeien aan de directietafel. Goed nieuws voor de communicatiesector, want het is een teken dat communicatie niet meer als korte termijnstactiek wordt beschouwd, maar als strategisch hulpmiddel. En terecht. 

Gartner identificeert enkele belangrijke redenen waarom voor communicatie belangrijker wordt op strategisch niveau. Bedrijvenleggen bijvoorbeeld meer nadruk op communicatie met stakeholders en op interdisciplinaire samenwerking, en een krappe arbeidsmarkt benadrukt het belang van employer branding en communicatie richting medewerkers.

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