Bringing together some of the brightest SEO brains across the UK, BrightonSEO is a staple event for the industry taking place twice a year. So, it’s no surprise that we ventured down to the event last month to hear from the huge range of speakers.

It’s in October that you begin to feel the change in seasons. It’s now when we think through our summer to winter closet swap strategy. I hate to see summer go and you can bet I’ll be wearing my sandals until the snow flies! 

In autumn our thoughts turn to pumpkin spice lattes, Hallowe’en and the coming of winter. Autumn heralds the darkest part of the year. It’s also in October when you may begin to feel the effects of seasonal change.

8 executives uit het bedrijfsleven delen hun inzichten

De oproep tot meer diversiteit, de strijd tegen ongelijkheid, het is niets nieuws. Wel zien we dat het debat vaker en heftiger wordt gevoerd. Met andere woorden: steeds meer mensen willen een diversere en meer inclusieve maatschappij. Wat zien we hiervan terug in het bedrijfsleven? Weerspiegelt deze de veranderingen, of zijn er nog stappen te maken?

The climate news is a bit depressing of late, isn’t it?

On the back of several high profile natural disasters – from record breaking temperatures and forest fires across North America and Europe this summer, to flooding in New York City and an earthquake in Haiti – it seems that there is no end to alarming news about the state of the planet and the necessity for us all to do our bit to help slow down global warming and prevent a climate catastrophe. 

Agency types are forever in a scramble to ‘differentiate’. In our eyes, there’s no cookie cutter, and our uniqueness is easily quantifiable & plain to see.

However, I often think Agencies are like goths or EMOs – all individually different from the surrounding pack, yet share common themes that reflect a genre. Of course, the truth is, that to everyone outside agencyland, we all look the same! PR, marketing, digital, content, measurement, performance, advertising, media…all nuanced bands of rockstars that clients would love to see playing in harmony!…

In 2017 kondigde Apple aan Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) te willen uitrollen, dat voor het eerst in september van dat jaar werd ingevoerd. Daarmee gaf Apple een duidelijke boodschap af aan big tech dat er veranderingen moesten komen in de manier waarop gebruikersgegevens werden gebruikt ten bate van winst.

Sindsdien hebben we de uitrol gezien van AVG (mei 2018), CCPA (juni 2018), ATT (april 2021), ePrivacy (regelgeving verwacht in 2021), en ETP (Firefox - aug 2020), naast vele andere privacyregelingen in verschillende jurisdicties, wat aangeeft dat deze ruimte op dit moment enigszins een bewegend doelwit is met frequente nieuwe ontwikkelingen.

Not the most glass half-full title for a blog post from someone who’s made a career in an industry where part of the job is to persuade journalists to write about companies, I know, but hear me out. 

I have rarely met a client who was not passionate about their organization; to be an effective advocate, leader, or communicator, you have to love your company. And, you want others to see what you see, to get excited about the things that get your juices flowing.

Insurance is a crazy concept, isn’t it? You ask someone to take on a risk that you’d rather not take on yourself. You transfer that risk elsewhere for a sum of money. Then you sleep soundly in the knowledge that you don’t need to worry about X or Y, because you’ve got it – literally and metaphorically – covered.

But at the same time, it’s not a purchase any of us want to make. Buying car, life or commercial insurance doesn’t spark joy.

Let’s not kid ourselves, marketers are in the money business. The entire function exists to drive a greater profit for the organization. So, with a plethora of options out there, how do you achieve that goal?

The different types of marketing

Marketing (as a whole) may be split into two areas:

  1. Sales activation

Focused on in-market customers, those ready to buy right now. Here we’re talking tactics like paid search, email or affiliate marketing, pretty much everything that falls under the “performance marketing” umbrella. 

I’ll start with an apology: “tactification” is jargon isn’t it? Sorry for that, but Mark Ritson’s invented word still seems the best way to capture an all too familiar approach in the PR and marketing world: skipping straight to the tactics.

The business problem is glazed over, the audience is based on assumptions and so the strategy becomes (something like) “let’s create some buzz!”; and where does that lead the activity? Marketers chase the bright, shiny new tactics like magpies.

Measure the vanity metrics (8billion people reached, 560,000 engagements!)

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