Elizabeth Minton Joins Clarity Team

Clarity, a global integrated communications agency recently commended by PRWeek Global as a Best International Agency, today announces the appointment of Elizabeth Minton as Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. A highly-experienced agency executive, Elizabeth will work closely with Clarity’s leadership team and individual offices to elevate Clarity’s brand, and identify and expand new business opportunities for the agency globally. Based out of Clarity’s NYC office, Elizabeth will report directly to CEO Sami McCabe and will be responsible for global initiatives across the agency’s offices in NYC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and London. 

Clarity today announced it has been appointed by training provider Firebrand, to assist its growth by highlighting its expertise in supporting employers and employees looking to close the UK’s digital skills gap.

Firebrand is a global provider of accelerated training, offering over 700 certification courses in IT, cybersecurity, cloud, and project management. Since 2001, more than 75,000 students from over 100 countries have achieved their certifications with Firebrand. With its USP traditionally being intensive, in-person training, Firebrand has also truly lived up to its name during the COVID-19 lockdown by pivoting to an entirely virtual Online Instructor-Led training strategy, which has already been commended by the likes of the NHS and BT.…

Over the past week, like so many others, the Clarity team has been closely following the recent events related to the #BlackLivesMatter movement, listening and learning with an objective to not just speak out, but to take meaningful action as a company so that we can make a difference and support this incredibly important cause. Below is a statement from our CEO & Founder, Sami McCabe, on Clarity’s response to the movement and our commitment to effect positive, impactful change.

In these turbulent times it’s no mean feat to carry on with business as usual, but at Clarity we’re doing just that. 

And business as usual for us means we’re constantly looking for opportunities to grow, and to deliver more value to current and future clients.

With this in mind, we have some exciting news to announce regarding Dynamo, the agency we acquired back in December. 

Since then, we’ve been working with the founding team to determine what’s next for the Dynamo brand. 

Technology executives like three things – control, certainty and results. Good for them, then, that the world of tech marketing, in the last few years, has been going through something of a revolution.

In the new era of digital marketing science, companies are focusing on measurable tactics whose levers they can influence.

Product virality, split tests, content marketing, paid ads, social media, search engine optimisation, lead magnets,  tracked and optimised through engagements and conversions. Everyone is yearning for the machine in to which they can put a dollar and get four out in return, an increasingly self-serve world of success under one’s own steam.

Last month Clariteer Michael Gonzalez had the opportunity to speak at the AGM of the Swedish PR Agency Association on the topic of international PR trends.

The Q&A session that followed was fascinating, to say the least. It’s very clear that if you work in PR today – whatever part of the world – these are changing times.

Here are some of the main trends that were debated:

The Art of Planning

The world of PR has always been very good at creative and strategic thinking but in the future, as the traditional agency and client relationship model is changing, skills around planning and project management will be increasingly critical.…

As we close out one decade, forecasting the next 10 years of digital disruption seems as challenging as it did back in January 2010.

Technology has reached such maturity, the pace of innovation is so fast, it has so permeated every business sector, that 12-month cycles alone – nevermind a whole decade – now provide ample opportunity for change.

So, at Clarity, we got together to ponder pathways for the next year in tech. Our conclusion: several tech trends are ready to blossom in to an advanced, science-fiction-style overdrive – whilst certain tech fundamentals are due a period of responsible reflection.…

2019 was certainly not a quiet year in the media world. In fact sometimes it’s felt like the press and social media have leaped from one PR disaster to another. There’s been some great wins, too, so here’s Clarity’s look globally at some of the top stories and creative stunts of 2019.



January – Greggs

British bakers Greggs launched their Vegan sausage roll right at the start of January – owning Veganuary. But it was their trolling of former CNN presenter and breakfast TV host Piers Morgan with this tweet that really made the story.

I’m thrilled to announce some huge news: this week we completed the acquisition of Dynamo PR, dramatically increasing the size of our team and the range of services we offer our clients.

I’ve long admired Dynamo for its creativity and culture as well as the stiff (but friendly!) competition they’ve consistently provided Clarity since the day we started.

To bring together Clarity and Dynamo under one roof will doubtless create huge opportunity for our respective people and clients.

The deal gives us significant scale in the UK market, nearly doubling the size of our London team to a headcount of 25.…

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