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The journey of Clarity PR over the past (nearly) four years has been a challenging one, mirroring the ups and downs of many of the tech startups that we cut our collective teeth working with.

However, we’ve emerged stronger than ever, with a very talented team of creative, dedicated and inspired individuals, and we’re continuing to grow. While our growth is another story, here’s a related tale – that of Clarity branching out from what has been our traditional service offering to date.

We’ve always looked to hire people who have worked in the media at Clarity PR – reporters, editors, producers and the like from newspapers, magazines, online and broadcast – for the unparalleled expertise they bring in knowing what makes a story and how journalists work. However, for those journalists used to writing thousands of words of copy a day, it can be a bit of a change and that’s why some – and I include myself in this – find the appeal of going back to their roots very strong.

But just because we like to write, doesn’t mean we should turn our attention away from our core business. We won’t be, but we are setting up a new division within the company that will focus on content creation, for both existing and new clients.

What do we mean by content? Well, anything and everything including white papers, scholarly articles, packages of blogposts, award entries, in-depth reports on industry events, copywriting for websites and internal communications documents, infographics and videos. We’ll also be using various channels to amplify this content on behalf of our clients. And, of course, putting together comprehensive content strategies that really meets our clients’ needs.

Companies are increasingly recognising the benefits that a strong, authoritative and dynamic bank of content will bring to their business. It positions them as a thought leader, sparks debate within their industry sector, increases the potential for engagement between client and customer, provides lead generation and improves their SEO.

But equally, they face challenges if they wish to do this – it’s rare to find a company that has the in-house skills to do this, or the budget to hire someone with the appropriate experience. Happily, creating a compelling content strategy and generating top-notch content is something that Clarity can now help you with.

Have any questions about Clarity’s content services? Please drop us a line below!

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