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Net als onze klanten, gaan we nooit voor 'gewoon goed'.

Iedere Clarity-strategie wordt op maat gemaakt en ontworpen om de bedrijfsdoelen van onze klanten te overtreffen. 

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Company Goal: Secure tier-1 coverage and increase brand visibility to position Lumo as an innovative agtech startup working to help solve the climate and water crisis.

Clarity’s Challenge: Launch Lumo’s vision through its initial product offering (the irrigation system) alongside its pre-seed funding round, positioning Lumo to press as a challenger agtech startup solving the most immediate crisis: water accessibility.

Lumo came to us with a goal- support them in creating a punchy launch to help accentuate overall brand visibility and start conversations with wider business and agriculture media. We immediately hit the ground running to strategize how we would insert Lumo into the conversation and create a buzz around their upcoming product launch and pre-seed funding announcement. 

Working with Lumo’s executive team, we created key messaging and helped build a media-facing brand voice. However, we knew that in order to cut through the noise we had to position Lumo and its executive team as thought leaders in an ongoing topical conversation. We knew we could correlate Lumo’s launch and tie it into the relevant and timely conversations happening around the California drought and climate change.

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Company Goal: Mitie came to us seeking a UX led redesign and migration to WordPress from Kentico, whilst improving the site structure, information architecture and navigation. With a number of different user personas, Mitie wanted to ensure that it is easier for all users to find information they need on the site to support the entirety of the customer journey, and future digital marketing and inbound lead generation.

Clarity’s Challenge: We needed to build a UX focused redesign and migration from Kentico to WordPress to support digital marketing, communications & lead generation for the UK’s leading facilities management & professional services company.

We kicked off the project with a thorough strategy, discovery and definition phase involving all the key business stakeholders to create a streamlined and clear strategy for the project, align stakeholders and ensure the project could be delivered against its strategic objectives.

Discovery workshops

With a number of cross industry clients and personas who use the site, we began the design stage by focusing on clear user personas and journey mapping. This was followed by work on content, information architecture and an improved UX.


The Clarity team then focused on creating the wireframes for a refreshed design with a simple and intuitive UX. This improves clarity of user journeys, and helps the different user personas ‘discover’ more about Mitie, supporting marketing, lead generation, sales enablement and talent acquisition.

As Mitie is a leader in its field, with a number of awards and strong credentials, we ensured the website is able to showcase these clearly, positioning Mitie as an innovative company and supporting the sales journey for the different user personas.

WordPress development

We built a powerful content hub with advanced filtering and search for users to access whitepapers, case studies, videos and other content, tailored across services and sectors.

The website is integrated with Mitie’s investor relations platform and data, showing live share price details. We also built employee and office directories, integrated with the Google Maps API.

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Kadence International

Company Goal: Kadence wanted to transform its website from a brochure site into a marketing machine – with the key goal being inbound lead generation in the form of briefs and RFQs. Looking to capitalise on clear opportunities to improve SEO and UX, Kadence partnered with Clarity.

Clarity’s Challenge: We needed to build a best-in-class, UX-focused B2B website that sits at the heart of global digital marketing driven growth for Kadence International, improving SEO results and lead generation.

The Solution

Strategy, discovery & definition

The project began with a thorough digital strategy, discovery and definition phase of work, incorporating various workshops and sessions with key Kadence stakeholders across multiple different time zones.

Initial work in this phase included a competitor review and an audit of existing analytics. We also worked with Kadence to define lead qualification stages across their buyer journey.


Driving organic search results was a big focus for this project so SEO was another key element of the strategy, discovery and definition phase. Our SEO team carried out SEO keyword research, planned technical & onsite SEO requirements and shaped an initial content plan driven by SEO data. This ensured that strong SEO foundations were built into the website from the very beginning, and that when the new site went live it was set to make SEO gains immediately.


As part of the design process, the Clarity UX & design team mapped out user journeys for the new Kadence site. For each stage of the buyer journey, Clarity listed anticipated user needs/actions and married these to opportunities for Kadence. Using scenarios for key user personas, Clarity then created diagrams for routes through the site as a visual aid to the development of the content map and wireframes.

This strategy work was of crucial importance, laying the foundations for a new site that would deliver marketing results.


Kadence provided brand guidelines which informed the design of the new website. Our design team created a dynamic and engaging site that showcases Kadence’s service and sector specialisms, whilst also communicating their ‘global boutique’ proposition and regional capabilities.

Web development and integrations

In order to accommodate Kadence’s global target market, the site is primed to make use of multilingual functionality, allowing Kadence’s global marketing team to translate and localise content in certain areas of the site.

The site features a Knowledge Hub that supports searching, filtering and gated content downloads, which is home to Kadence’s library of resources and proprietary research reports.

The site is also integrated with the firm’s existing CRM and email marketing tools. This has allowed Kadence to clearly track the opportunities associated with the website and establish a clear ROI.

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Company Goal: Generate more social media interaction and build relationships with targeted groups

Clarity’s Challenge: Create tailored social media campaigns, nailing Citrix’s tone of voice and persona

We started the social media campaigns, using Twitter polls and for one of the campaigns (self-recorded) videos from one of the Citrix spokespersons. We have launched tailored campaigns for which we have posted almost 50 polls and recorded 20 videos. The result was astonishing: we achieved exceptional interaction rates (average: 3.31% for Twitter and 1.64% for LinkedIn). For comparison: an interaction ratio between 0.33% and 1% is considered high for Twitter (research by Scrunch) and a study by Forrester showed that the average interaction rate of the top 50 brands worldwide is 0.054% on LinkedIn. In total we realized over 925,000 impressions and almost 50,000 interactions on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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The Next Web Conference 2022

Company Goal: Elevate TNW Conference’s profile among founders, companies and investors in the global tech industry. Strengthen TNW’s earned media reach. Facilitate partnerships.

Clarity’s Challenge: Overcome a crowded in-person events market post COVID, as well as navigating media, partners and participant attendance in a world of ever-changing travel restrictions.

De wereld verandert met de snelheid van de technologie. En The Next Web Conference houdt de vinger stevig aan de pols. Al meer dan een decennium is dit internationale en bekroonde techfestival dé plek waar duizenden techliefhebbers, startups, scale-ups, investeerders, bedrijven en overheden elkaar ontmoeten en samen ontdekken ‘What’s Next in Tech’. Na de COVID-lockdowns was The Next Web klaar om in 2022 op te schalen. Net overgenomen door de Financial Times, wilden ze het bereik van hun flagship event vergroten. De communicatiedoelstellingen waren even ambitieus als het TNW-team: de naamsbekendheid vergroten en TNW beter profileren in de sector; de opkomst en deelname van de media vergroten; meer media aandacht voor sprekers en partners voor en tijdens het evenement; en relaties opbouwen met partners en het bereik van startups en investeerders vergroten.

After the COVID lockdowns, The Next Web was ready to scale up in 2022. Freshly acquired by the Financial Times, they were looking to expand the reach of their flagship conference. The communications objectives were as ambitious as the TNW team: to grow brand awareness and raise the profile of TNW in the industry; to increase media attendance and participation; to increase coverage of speakers and partners before and during the event; and to build relationships with partners and expand the startup and investor reach.

De deadline was krap - slechts twee maanden voor de opening keynote en nog niets geregeld.

De klant was niet alleen weg van de resultaten, maar van de hele Clarity-ervaring. The Next Web zal met ons blijven samenwerken om van 2023 een nog groter succes te maken. Clarity zal blijven samenwerken met TNW om hen verder te positioneren als een wereldwijd merk, met media partnerships, event en comms ondersteuning en andere activiteiten voor hun bloeiende tech community.

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Company Goal: Mirza approached Clarity to create a multi-pronged campaign highlighting the motherhood penalty women across the US face.

Clarity’s Challenge: To position Mirza as thought leaders while driving awareness of their new tool for consumers and employers.

For Women’s History Month, Clarity worked with Mirza to create a multi-pronged campaign highlighting the motherhood penalty women across the US face. The campaign launched at a pivotal time in the United States, with four times as many women as men leaving the workforce in order to care for their families. The women who remained in their professional roles were faced with the grappling reality of losing critical childcare resources (school, daycare, caregiving services), balancing motherhood, and caregiving alongside their full-time positions. 

Clarity worked closely with Mirza’s co-founders to develop a white paper and proprietary research around the Motherhood Penalty to understand the awareness of the penalty among a key demographic – working women. The results were astounding. While not every woman surveyed understood the Motherhood Penalty, an overwhelming 73% of women said that they thought having a child would hold them back in their careers.  

After analyzing the results, we crafted a comprehensive, multi-faceted communications strategy that tied the research to Mirza’s market fit for consumers.  Our overarching messaging highlighted the dire need for systemic change but also acknowledged that in the interim, Mirza can help. 

We told the story through the release of a white paper entitled,  ‘Rolling the Dice,’ that lived on Mirza’s website, positioning Mirza as thought leaders whilst driving awareness of their new tool for consumers and employers. The research and report were structured in a way that we could scale it to be an annual study, demonstrating the evolution of the Motherhood Penalty over time.

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