Entrupy is a hardware-enabled SaaS company that uses computer vision algorithms and microscopy to bring trust to transactions of high-value physical goods.

Company GOAL:

Use AI to protect brands, spot knock-offs

Clarity’s Challenge:

Establish a brand with “no substitutes”


AI-based product authentication technology provider Entrupy was a veritable unknown when they enlisted Clarity to officially launch the company as they closed their series A funding round. The founding team of technologists and mathematicians looked to us to build their profile from the ground up and achieve objectives including:

  • Educate the market on the problem (counterfeiting) and establish Entrupy as the only scalable, objective solution
  • Raise awareness of the company among global media, marketplaces and secondary resellers
  • Establish a reputation for innovation in machine learning and its application for societal issues
  • Position for expansion into new markets and product lines
  • Drive business growth worldwide

Clarity worked closely with the company to develop messages that conveyed the complex technical solution and its value proposition in a manner that can be understood by retail and mainstream audiences as well as those in technology circles. We crafted positioning that was equally relevant to a single pawn shop owner and a multinational marketplace and executed on a communications plan that incorporated media and industry relations, content development, event participation and industry recognition/awards.


The company’s client roster more than doubled in the past year and increased 5x since 2016.
The number of authentications performed has also grown in multiples, increasing from approximately 10,000 to more than 60,000 in the past year.
We have established Entrupy’s reputation for innovation, securing a place in the National Retail Federation’s Innovation Lab in early 2018 and winning a Silver Edison Award for Innovation in Consumer Protection.
Entrupy received honors from the AI Breakthrough Awards (Best Use of AI for Authentication) and the Global AI Awards (AI Application / Product of the Year)
Entrupy's executives have received numerous speaking invitations from notable institutions such as Fordham University’s Fashion Law Institute and the Media Entertainment Fashion Law Association as well as at industry conferences in Montreal, Bangkok, Munich, Singapore and Milan.

selected press

Gadget spots fake luxury handbags with a 98.5 percent accuracy rate

New York startup Entrupy invents a handheld microscope camera that lets users detect fake luxury handbags on their smartphone. Roselle Chen reports

Goodwill robots will now confirm if that secondhand Gucci bag is real

You can now feel confident buying Fendi or Fubu on Goodwill’s site.

Goodwill stores are now using AI to ensure that all of its luxury items are legit

Goodwill is teaming with Entrupy’s AI-based program to guarantee the authenticity of luxury items.

Inside the High-Tech World of Luxury Fraudbusters

Take a deep dive into the billion-dollar, spy-worthy technology luxury brands are employing to ward off fakes.

From Alibaba to sneaker retailers, fashion wages war on counterfeiting

Alibaba is particularly weary of counterfeits, given that the platform was once a haven for counterfeit goods. Back in 2016, Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma stoked the ire of fashion brands around the world when he seemed to flippantly brush off the question of why so many counterfeit goods were being sold on Alibaba, saying that fakes were “just as good” as the real thing.

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Company Goal: Democratize cloud computing via blockchain

Clarity’s Challenge: Centralize trust in decentralized networks

Clarity specialises in working with disruptive tech companies, yet few are quite as ambitious as DADI. The company wanted to democratise cloud computing taking on the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Google in the process. Its magic bullet was its blockchain powered DADI app which allows any device owner to rent their computing power to the DADI network and receive payment from enterprise users.

Clarity faced two interesting challenges. Firstly, the company had launched a successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which had raised $28 million. Yet there were misconceptions about the ICO and the company in general, especially in the enterprise tech world. In tandem,we had a short runway to help reposition DADI but also start attracting contributors to the DADI network.
To overcome these challenges we employed a quartet of approaches.

  • We harnessed traditional media relations tactics of newsjacking and thought leadership to establish credibility.
  • We also created a ‘launch moment’ around DADI’s mainnet go-live, with a news sell-in generating trade, national and international media attention.
  • To excite the crypto community we employed a combination of in-depth media briefings, a high- impact paid media partnership and ‘founding node’ giveaway – announced exclusively with Forbes
  • Finally, we brought the story full circle by launching the non-profit DADI foundation and its first charitable grant.
    The results spoke for themselves. The main objective was to create positive sentiment and we achieved this with 98% positive coverage over the three months.

The company is perfectly placed now for the next stage of its journey.

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This Girl Can

Company Goal: Launched in 2015, #TGC has successfully persuaded nearly three million women to get more active – but their work isn’t done yet. Clarity partnered with #TGC’s initiative, This Girl Can Swim to help them understand the messaging and imagery to use in their paid campaigns to best lead to women attending women’s only sessions at across 40 pools in the UK.

Clarity’s Challenge: Creating an effective paid strategy focused on converting a highly regionalized and specific demographic audience.

Clarity’s approach was to construct  test approach to determine the most successful strategy and one that would inform campaigns. We ran 1-week test phases across creative, brand messaging, and targeting and leveraged the learnings from each test phase to underpin optimisation throughout the wider project.

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Company Goal: Gain recognition as a forward-thinking ad tech company following a major rebrand and repositioning

Clarity’s Challenge: Reposition Visto (formerly Collective) and showcase the company’s platform as the solution to issues of transparency in digital advertising

Visto came to Clarity following bold changes within the company that was still, at the time, known as Collective. With the knowledge that transparency in digital advertising would soon be an industry rallying cry, CEO Kerry Bianchi steered the company in a new direction and turned the 11-year-old ad network media business into a forward-thinking technology company committed to bringing simplicity, transparency, and efficiency to digital marketing.

Clarity worked in partnership with the internal marketing team to completely redefine the company and develop new messaging that would reflect the value proposition of their platform, the Visto™ Enterprise Ad Hub.

Both before and after introducing the vendor-neutral platform to the ad and marketing tech community, Clarity played a vital role as trusted advisor, providing counsel on both internal and external communications following the rebrand.

Clarity executed a highly content-driven campaign for the company while also putting the dynamic CEO in the spotlight. Through bylined articles, reports, white papers and speaking engagements, we successfully established the company as one leading the charge of transparency in programmatic advertising.

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