Once upon a time Looker, now valued at over $1.6 Billion with offices in New York, London, and San Francisco (just like us – minus the $1.6 Billion), was a tiny stealth startup out of Santa Cruz with the incredibly geeky dream of teaching the world to speak a new query language: LookML.

Armed with a great product, $2m in seed funding and about 20 small(ish) customers, Looker wanted to make a big impact out of the gate. Unfortunately, telling reporters in 2013 that you’ve created a new product that will simplify and democratize business intelligence was akin to a 10 year old Elon Musk saying he will land on Mars someday – “sure you will, kid.”

Looker needed a strategy that fought for credibility and took nothing for granted. No one was going to instantly recognize their value, and $2m in funding just wasn’t going to be enough to win the day. The Clarity team developed a strategy that focused heavily on the credibility of the company’s founder, Lloyd Tabb, and the problems that existed in business intelligence, rather than a dry laundry list of Looker’s benefits.

We didn’t take the easy route, but we knew we needed to elevate the message in order to get Looker the attention it deserved. We invested heavily in media training to craft the right message and sat Lloyd down with reporters from the most technical B2B publications in the world to make sure our message was battle-tested.

As a result, the launch of Looker generated significant demand for the previously-unknown upstart that would later take over the BI world. Clarity continued our work with Looker for a number of subsequent announcements and played a critical early role in establishing the solid base for future growth.


Looker launched with coverage across publications ranging from TechCrunch, to Reuters, to eWeek.
New business leads flooded into the young startup at a pace they couldn’t even keep up with, and they had to create a queue for new customers. 

selected press

Looker Takes $2M From First Round And PivotNorth To Build ‘A Sequel To SQL’ For Business Intelligence

Looker Data Sciences, a business intelligence startup founded by an early lead engineer from Netscape and LiveOps, is today emerging from stealth mode and announcing $2 million in funding from First Round Capital and PivotNorth to build out its business based on a new, easier-to-use approach to SQL…

Hadoop Drives Down Costs, Drives Up Usability With SQL Convergence

Looker Data Sciences announced a $16 million round of financing to advance its business intelligence platform.

Looker launches out of stealth with $2M to make manual SQL queries a thing of the past

Businesses today are creating data at an ever increasing rate, whether they know how to make sense of it or not. For most attempting to use this data to inform business decisions, the departments that need this information can’t access it directly. Instead, financial, marketing, and operations executives typically rely on their engineering department to manually query databases to obtain desired insights. The cost of this strategy is both time and money.

Looker launches with promise of easier business intelligence

Looker Data Sciences came out of stealth on Wednesday with $2 million in funding and technology it says will make big data analysis for business intelligence easier. The Santa Cruz startup is led by Lloyd Tabb, who was an engineer with Netscape and LiveOpps in the past. He was also a venture partner with CMEA Ventures for a few years. Before this he founded Luminate and ReadyForce.

Looker scores $16M from Redpoint to take on Tableau & SAP in business intelligence

Big data and analytics startup Looker has raised $16 million in its first round of funding to promote data-driven discovery in “big data” software and to help it take on major players in the space. Looker’s web-based product is taking on a crowded business intelligence field that includes such players as SAP, Tableau, KissMetrics, GoodData, and Mixpanel. But it claims to differentiate itself by making the software easier to use than most. So much so that it “gives anyone the ability to query live data.” It accomplished this by created a proprietary language it calls LookML, which “radically simplifies the process of scripting and recycling SQL queries.

How (And When) To Take A Risk: Graduation Wisdom From Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph

Netflix NFLX -3.99%’s co-founder and former CEO Marc Randolph enjoys mentoring new waves of entrepreneurs. In the process, he’s come to the conclusion that colleges don’t produce nearly as many good entrepreneurs as they could.

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Company Goal: Mitie came to us seeking a UX led redesign and migration to WordPress from Kentico, whilst improving the site structure, information architecture and navigation. With a number of different user personas, Mitie wanted to ensure that it is easier for all users to find information they need on the site to support the entirety of the customer journey, and future digital marketing and inbound lead generation.

Clarity’s Challenge: We needed to build a UX focused redesign and migration from Kentico to WordPress to support digital marketing, communications & lead generation for the UK’s leading facilities management & professional services company.

We kicked off the project with a thorough strategy, discovery and definition phase involving all the key business stakeholders to create a streamlined and clear strategy for the project, align stakeholders and ensure the project could be delivered against its strategic objectives.

Discovery workshops

With a number of cross industry clients and personas who use the site, we began the design stage by focusing on clear user personas and journey mapping. This was followed by work on content, information architecture and an improved UX.


The Clarity team then focused on creating the wireframes for a refreshed design with a simple and intuitive UX. This improves clarity of user journeys, and helps the different user personas ‘discover’ more about Mitie, supporting marketing, lead generation, sales enablement and talent acquisition.

As Mitie is a leader in its field, with a number of awards and strong credentials, we ensured the website is able to showcase these clearly, positioning Mitie as an innovative company and supporting the sales journey for the different user personas.

WordPress development

We built a powerful content hub with advanced filtering and search for users to access whitepapers, case studies, videos and other content, tailored across services and sectors.

The website is integrated with Mitie’s investor relations platform and data, showing live share price details. We also built employee and office directories, integrated with the Google Maps API.

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Company Goal: FitTrack approached Clarity to steadily build up its brand narrative, while still pushing product.

Clarity’s Challenge: To make FitTrack stand out in the fitness & health industry with meaningful coverage.

Clarity surveyed moms and moms-to-be finding that 1 in 5 are rarely asked how they are doing, so we  partnered with Postpartum Support Int’l to donate $1 for every person who pledged to ask mom how she is. The campaign spoke directly to our target audience by supporting an issue many of them experienced first hand. An NBC journalist on maternity leave even shared it on her personal Instagram account. 

From inclusion in Mother’s and Father’s Day Gift Guides to Best Bathroom Scale round ups, we delivered a consistent cadence of positive press reviews in publications we know our audience reads to highlight how the products could work for them.

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The Next Web Conference 2022

Company Goal: Elevate TNW Conference’s profile among founders, companies and investors in the global tech industry. Strengthen TNW’s earned media reach. Facilitate partnerships.

Clarity’s Challenge: Overcome a crowded in-person events market post COVID, as well as navigating media, partners and participant attendance in a world of ever-changing travel restrictions.

De wereld verandert met de snelheid van de technologie. En The Next Web Conference houdt de vinger stevig aan de pols. Al meer dan een decennium is dit internationale en bekroonde techfestival dé plek waar duizenden techliefhebbers, startups, scale-ups, investeerders, bedrijven en overheden elkaar ontmoeten en samen ontdekken ‘What’s Next in Tech’. Na de COVID-lockdowns was The Next Web klaar om in 2022 op te schalen. Net overgenomen door de Financial Times, wilden ze het bereik van hun flagship event vergroten. De communicatiedoelstellingen waren even ambitieus als het TNW-team: de naamsbekendheid vergroten en TNW beter profileren in de sector; de opkomst en deelname van de media vergroten; meer media aandacht voor sprekers en partners voor en tijdens het evenement; en relaties opbouwen met partners en het bereik van startups en investeerders vergroten.

After the COVID lockdowns, The Next Web was ready to scale up in 2022. Freshly acquired by the Financial Times, they were looking to expand the reach of their flagship conference. The communications objectives were as ambitious as the TNW team: to grow brand awareness and raise the profile of TNW in the industry; to increase media attendance and participation; to increase coverage of speakers and partners before and during the event; and to build relationships with partners and expand the startup and investor reach.

De deadline was krap - slechts twee maanden voor de opening keynote en nog niets geregeld.

De klant was niet alleen weg van de resultaten, maar van de hele Clarity-ervaring. The Next Web zal met ons blijven samenwerken om van 2023 een nog groter succes te maken. Clarity zal blijven samenwerken met TNW om hen verder te positioneren als een wereldwijd merk, met media partnerships, event en comms ondersteuning en andere activiteiten voor hun bloeiende tech community.

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