Visto is a technology company dedicated to bringing transparency, interoperability, and accountability to digital advertising.

Company GOAL:

Gain recognition as a forward-thinking ad tech company following a major rebrand and repositioning

Clarity’s Challenge:

Reposition Visto (formerly Collective) and showcase the company’s platform as the solution to issues of transparency in digital advertising


Visto came to Clarity following bold changes within the company that was still, at the time, known as Collective. With the knowledge that transparency in digital advertising would soon be an industry rallying cry, CEO Kerry Bianchi steered the company in a new direction and turned the 11-year-old ad network media business into a forward-thinking technology company committed to bringing simplicity, transparency, and efficiency to digital marketing.

Clarity worked in partnership with the internal marketing team to completely redefine the company and develop new messaging that would reflect the value proposition of their platform, the Visto™ Enterprise Ad Hub.

Both before and after introducing the vendor-neutral platform to the ad and marketing tech community, Clarity played a vital role as trusted advisor, providing counsel on both internal and external communications following the rebrand.

Clarity executed a highly content-driven campaign for the company while also putting the dynamic CEO in the spotlight. Through bylined articles, reports, white papers and speaking engagements, we successfully established the company as one leading the charge of transparency in programmatic advertising.


Secured editorial coverage in major business publications and advertising trades
Spearheaded a successful executive positioning program for CEO Kerry Bianchi that included a regular Forbes contributorship and numerous award wins as well as podcast appearances and event speaking opportunities
Secured honors for the company and platform including placement on the Drexel Analytics 50 as well as the short lists for The Drum's Digital Trading Awards, The Digiday Awards and the Best in SaaS awards

selected press

Can Omnichannel Marketing Exist in a World of Walled Gardens?

The advertising and marketing industries are currently facing two seemingly contradictory problems. First, there’s the confusion of “too many,” the result of a vendor ecosystem that has grown at an unbelievable pace.

Let's Try to See Clearly on Blockchain for Advertising

The release of the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Blockchain for Video Advertising white paper has the digital ad industry abuzz.

How This CEO Shakes Up Linear Hiring Practices

As a college psychology major, Kerry Bianchi knew she wanted to work in advertising. What she didn’t know was that one day she’d be leading a advertising technology company.

Podcast: Kerry Bianchi On The Shift From Service To Software | AdExchanger

Welcome to AdExchanger Talks, a podcast focused on data-driven marketing. Subscribe here. Our guest this week is Kerry Bianchi, president and CEO of Visto, formerly Collective. Bianchi has overseen a major transition of the company since taking the helm from founder Joe Apprendi one year ago. That transition includes a sale of the legacy managed services business.... Continue reading »

Multi-platform strategy a must for best programmatic ROI, suggests study | Mobile Marketing Magazine

The optimal programmatic media buying strategy requires multiple partners, with multi-vendor supply path optimisation resulting in tenfold improvements in key areas, according to a new study by ad tech provider Visto . With an estimated 80 per cent of digital ad placements now purchased via programmatic exchanges, advertisers looking to get the best performance while not over-complicating their ad tech stack are looking for every advantage they can get. Visto's study attempted to quantify price, performance and quaity variations across formats, buying platforms and methods, even when targeting the same publishers and using the same tactics, just through different partners. Leveraging the multi-platform optimisation (MPO) tool from its Enterprise Ad Hub, the company compared campaigns that were run...

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Company Goal: Buy Anything with Your Phone Number

Clarity’s Challenge: 7 years from Launch to IPO

When a communications relationship really works, you’re in it for the long haul. That was absolutely the case when it came to Boku, a Clarity client from its initial launch in 2009 through their IPO in 2018. Boku was one of the very first companies to take a look at the humble mobile phone, while it still flipped to open and Snake was its coolest app, and say “this is going to change the way we buy everything.”

At the time we first engaged, the Clarity team did not have specific expertise in the payments industry, and the “mobile payments” space was just getting off the ground. It was with Boku that we developed our company-wide process for creating specialized teams with deeply vertical knowledge of any industry – working from Boku’s offices on a weekly basis, training our team members to understand every nuance of the space, building relationships with and constantly engaging with industry-specific press, and closely following the movements of competitors.

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Company Goal: To bring credibility, transparency and trust to the crypto space

Clarity’s Challenge: Build VRBex’s visibility and establish its reputation as a trustworthy, US-regulated financial services brand

VRBex, a US-regulated cryptocurrency financial services brand, enlisted Clarity to build its reputation as a company bringing credibility, transparency and trust to the crypto space. The campaign needed to increase brand visibility beyond the sphere of crypto, with reaching potential partners and investors being a key objective.

Prior to the launch of VRBex, Clarity rolled out a program grounded in thought leadership, developing and placing VRBex-bylined articles that presented unique points of view in stark contrast to existing narratives in the space. To further build credibility, the team positioned Founder and CEO Gene Grant as the most knowledgeable resource on the regulation of crypto and security tokens through briefings with high-profile trade media and influencers.

At the time of launch and pre-sale, Clarity leveraged the newly-elevated profile for an aggressive media relations campaign, for which the ability to provide industry insights and offer substantive commentary on breaking news stories served to amplify results.

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Company Goal: Clarity was tasked by Spatial one week before CES to elevate its presence at the show and garner attention from top tier outlets for its Q1 funding and partnership news.

Clarity’s Challenge: Clarity’s challenge was to deliver results in a short time frame

Spatial enables an entirely new way of working together and eliminates the need for video conferencing and work travel. With Spatial, users can connect from all over the world and share ideas seamlessly using lifelike avatars and knowledge work tools, unlocking a new level of productivity not confined by space.

Clarity was tasked by Spatial one week before CES to elevate its presence at the show and garner attention from top tier outlets for its Q1 funding and partnership news. With the obvious short time frame and news agenda around CES, Clarity’s challenge was to deliver meaningful results in one of the busiest times of the year.

Clarity worked hard to secure key briefings for Spatial, and in the week before CES and after the event this has resulted in a steady cadence of media placements, including top tier coverage with Axios, Fast Company, Tech Meme, TechCrunch, TIME Magazine and more.

In total, Clarity has secured over 40 placements to-date surrounding Spatial’s presence at CES, its Series A funding round, and partnership news and continues to generate placements amid its growth in popularity due to remote work.

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