Entrupy is a hardware-enabled SaaS company that uses computer vision algorithms and microscopy to bring trust to transactions of high-value physical goods.

Company GOAL:

Use AI to protect brands, spot knock-offs

Clarity’s Challenge:

Establish a brand with “no substitutes”


AI-based product authentication technology provider Entrupy was a veritable unknown when they enlisted Clarity to officially launch the company as they closed their series A funding round. The founding team of technologists and mathematicians looked to us to build their profile from the ground up and achieve objectives including:

  • Educate the market on the problem (counterfeiting) and establish Entrupy as the only scalable, objective solution
  • Raise awareness of the company among global media, marketplaces and secondary resellers
  • Establish a reputation for innovation in machine learning and its application for societal issues
  • Position for expansion into new markets and product lines
  • Drive business growth worldwide

Clarity worked closely with the company to develop messages that conveyed the complex technical solution and its value proposition in a manner that can be understood by retail and mainstream audiences as well as those in technology circles. We crafted positioning that was equally relevant to a single pawn shop owner and a multinational marketplace and executed on a communications plan that incorporated media and industry relations, content development, event participation and industry recognition/awards.


The company’s client roster more than doubled in the past year and increased 5x since 2016.
The number of authentications performed has also grown in multiples, increasing from approximately 10,000 to more than 60,000 in the past year.
We have established Entrupy’s reputation for innovation, securing a place in the National Retail Federation’s Innovation Lab in early 2018 and winning a Silver Edison Award for Innovation in Consumer Protection.
Entrupy received honors from the AI Breakthrough Awards (Best Use of AI for Authentication) and the Global AI Awards (AI Application / Product of the Year)
Entrupy's executives have received numerous speaking invitations from notable institutions such as Fordham University’s Fashion Law Institute and the Media Entertainment Fashion Law Association as well as at industry conferences in Montreal, Bangkok, Munich, Singapore and Milan.

selected press

Gadget spots fake luxury handbags with a 98.5 percent accuracy rate

New York startup Entrupy invents a handheld microscope camera that lets users detect fake luxury handbags on their smartphone. Roselle Chen reports

Goodwill robots will now confirm if that secondhand Gucci bag is real

You can now feel confident buying Fendi or Fubu on Goodwill’s site.

Goodwill stores are now using AI to ensure that all of its luxury items are legit

Goodwill is teaming with Entrupy’s AI-based program to guarantee the authenticity of luxury items.

Inside the High-Tech World of Luxury Fraudbusters

Take a deep dive into the billion-dollar, spy-worthy technology luxury brands are employing to ward off fakes.

From Alibaba to sneaker retailers, fashion wages war on counterfeiting

Alibaba is particularly weary of counterfeits, given that the platform was once a haven for counterfeit goods. Back in 2016, Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma stoked the ire of fashion brands around the world when he seemed to flippantly brush off the question of why so many counterfeit goods were being sold on Alibaba, saying that fakes were “just as good” as the real thing.

more of our work

Kadence International

Company Goal: Kadence wanted to transform its website from a brochure site into a marketing machine – with the key goal being inbound lead generation in the form of briefs and RFQs. Looking to capitalise on clear opportunities to improve SEO and UX, Kadence partnered with Clarity.

Clarity’s Challenge: We needed to build a best-in-class, UX-focused B2B website that sits at the heart of global digital marketing driven growth for Kadence International, improving SEO results and lead generation.

The Solution

Strategy, discovery & definition

The project began with a thorough digital strategy, discovery and definition phase of work, incorporating various workshops and sessions with key Kadence stakeholders across multiple different time zones.

Initial work in this phase included a competitor review and an audit of existing analytics. We also worked with Kadence to define lead qualification stages across their buyer journey.


Driving organic search results was a big focus for this project so SEO was another key element of the strategy, discovery and definition phase. Our SEO team carried out SEO keyword research, planned technical & onsite SEO requirements and shaped an initial content plan driven by SEO data. This ensured that strong SEO foundations were built into the website from the very beginning, and that when the new site went live it was set to make SEO gains immediately.


As part of the design process, the Clarity UX & design team mapped out user journeys for the new Kadence site. For each stage of the buyer journey, Clarity listed anticipated user needs/actions and married these to opportunities for Kadence. Using scenarios for key user personas, Clarity then created diagrams for routes through the site as a visual aid to the development of the content map and wireframes.

This strategy work was of crucial importance, laying the foundations for a new site that would deliver marketing results.


Kadence provided brand guidelines which informed the design of the new website. Our design team created a dynamic and engaging site that showcases Kadence’s service and sector specialisms, whilst also communicating their ‘global boutique’ proposition and regional capabilities.

Web development and integrations

In order to accommodate Kadence’s global target market, the site is primed to make use of multilingual functionality, allowing Kadence’s global marketing team to translate and localise content in certain areas of the site.

The site features a Knowledge Hub that supports searching, filtering and gated content downloads, which is home to Kadence’s library of resources and proprietary research reports.

The site is also integrated with the firm’s existing CRM and email marketing tools. This has allowed Kadence to clearly track the opportunities associated with the website and establish a clear ROI.


Entrupy's "State of the Fake" Report

Company Goal: Protect borders, businesses and consumers from counterfeit products

Clarity’s Challenge: Solidify Entrupy’s authority in the anti-counterfeiting conversation

Manufacturing and selling counterfeit products is something done in the shadows, and very little about how this underground market works is actually known. While the general public may occasionally get news of big seizures of fake handbags and sneakers by customs officials at ports of entry, these stories don’t tell us anything about the market itself.

Entrupy, on the other hand, had terabytes of data on counterfeit accessories. Clarity proposed that we leverage that proprietary data to position the company as more than just experts on identifying fakes. We could position them as the foremost authorities on the entire (black) market.

Creating a report with absolutely no model to work from was no easy task. The first step was simply getting all the data together. Not knowing what would and would not yield interesting findings, we compared year over year, state over state, brand over brand, and as we parsed the numbers, we began the painstaking process of identifying the noteworthy and interesting numbers around which we could derive insights.

Once we’d spliced, diced, inspected and detected the nuggets of gold, we began tackling challenge #2: turning all of this data into a report. Clarity and Entrupy collaborated to identify trends and provide high-level insights that would add something fresh and valuable to the conversation about product counterfeiting.

The full report, designed by the Clarity team, was released on World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, June 6.


Peach & Lily

Company Goal: Increase awareness of the company’s innovative, data-driven approach to skincare and highlight its rapid business growth; Elevate reputation of CEO Alicia Yoon as a thought-leader and entrepreneur

Clarity’s Challenge: Generate coverage focusing on Peach & Lily as a dynamic and growing business

To complement Peach & Lily’s consistent coverage in beauty media, founder Alicia Yoon hired Clarity to tell the world about the company’s innovative, data-driven approach and rapid business growth.

Clarity focused on journalists covering the intersection of business, technology and lifestyle and collaborated with Peach & Lily on a series of media events at the company’s headquarters.  There, we provided ample time for journalists to meet with Alicia Yoon and experience authentic Korean beauty treatments with some mandatory instagrammable moments! Intro meetings opened the door to personalized conversations and treatment programs.

In addition to securing top tier media coverage, the campaign drew the attention of top tier VCs. While Peach & Lily was not actively fundraising at that moment, incoming inquiries from potential investors provided solid evidence that the strategy was working.


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