A Simple Fix. A Global Impact.

Fix the Mask is an organization that offers designs for a brace to make surgical masks more effective as health care providers and frontline workers grapple with N95 mask shortages amid COVID-19.

Company GOAL:

Spread awareness of what makes PPE effective (especially during COVID).

Clarity’s Challenge:

Fix the narrative on mask filtration in the COVID conversation.


Founded in early 2020 in response to the acute global PPE shortage, Fix the Mask is an organization that offers designs for a brace to make surgical masks more effective as health care providers and frontline workers grapple with N95 mask shortages amid COVID-19. Fix the Mask had not done any press or external communications around its solution, and the company turned to Clarity to help launch the concept and raise awareness.

Clarity kicked off by working with the co-founders to develop Fix the Mask’s messaging and identifying key stakeholders to help inform media outreach. Since Fix the Mask began working with Clarity soon after launch, the firm was able to play an integral role in shaping its communications strategy from the ground up while ensuring that we secured stories to deliver maximum impact.

Following a deep dive messaging session, Clarity began full court press with a focus on tier one business publications. Fix the Mask’s goal was to get its solution into the hands of as many people as possible and, as such, upleveling visibility was key.

In keeping with the fast-moving pace that startups are accustomed to, Clarity was nimble in pivoting its approach as the Fix the Mask team adjusted priorities and target audiences as the business grew, including a concerted push targeted towards the dental community.

Clarity secured a wide swath of coverage in the likes of CNBC, Fast Company, Business Insider and NBC Bay Area, which drove considerable inbound interest and adoption of Fix the Mask’s solution.


Kickstarter campaign received 360% of fundraising goal
2 broadcast hits within the first week of collaboration
3 top tier publication hits within the first month, including 2 additional CNBC syndications

selected press

Ex-Apple employees are attacking the mask shortage problem, and they're starting with rubber bands

The founders of Fix The Mask are holed up together in a San Francisco apartment working on developing a safe and easy protective mask.

This ex-Apple designer has a simple solution to make masks more effective

With just a few rubber bands, you give a surgical mask a much tighter—and safer—fit.

Get hired by Apple by admitting your mistakes, says engineer - 9to5Mac

If you want to get hired by Apple, an engineer who spent five years on the Mac team said that she believes she got the role because she was willing to ...

An ex-Apple engineer is helping combat the N95 mask shortage with a simple solution that anyone can make at home with rubber bands

A former Apple engineer created a brace for ASTM surgical face masks that gives them a tighter fit, making them an alternative to N95 masks.

Nonprofit Strives to Tackle Mask Shortage

Last year, they were working at Apple. Now, Sabrina Paseman and Megan Duong are working in their apartment, tackling the global mask shortage brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Crest Medical

Company Goal: Crest approached Clarity for support in growing online sales for their consumer brand, First Aid Warehouse, differentiating it from its B2B offering.

Clarity’s Challenge: Building consumer awareness in a commoditized category.

Clarity conducted a deep dive to understand the user requirements and brand / product appetite, which allowed us to construct a blended approach of paid search, Shopping, and paid social to promote at a category & individual product level. We leveraged granular shopping feed management to maximise Shopping performance and made recommendations to improve CRO including  landing page updates, pricing reviews and competitor analysis.



Company Goal: Gain recognition as a forward-thinking ad tech company following a major rebrand and repositioning

Clarity’s Challenge: Reposition Visto (formerly Collective) and showcase the company’s platform as the solution to issues of transparency in digital advertising

Visto came to Clarity following bold changes within the company that was still, at the time, known as Collective. With the knowledge that transparency in digital advertising would soon be an industry rallying cry, CEO Kerry Bianchi steered the company in a new direction and turned the 11-year-old ad network media business into a forward-thinking technology company committed to bringing simplicity, transparency, and efficiency to digital marketing.

Clarity worked in partnership with the internal marketing team to completely redefine the company and develop new messaging that would reflect the value proposition of their platform, the Visto™ Enterprise Ad Hub.

Both before and after introducing the vendor-neutral platform to the ad and marketing tech community, Clarity played a vital role as trusted advisor, providing counsel on both internal and external communications following the rebrand.

Clarity executed a highly content-driven campaign for the company while also putting the dynamic CEO in the spotlight. Through bylined articles, reports, white papers and speaking engagements, we successfully established the company as one leading the charge of transparency in programmatic advertising.


Owl Cameras

Company Goal: Protect every car, driving and parked

Clarity’s Challenge: Get Press to Ditch the Dash

Thanks to the likes of Dropcam, Nest, Ring, and Arlo, home security cameras are as commonplace as throw pillows around the house. Easy to install, instantly connected to mobile, constantly protecting your home and able to alert you to trouble no matter where you are in the world – in the span of about 5 years, home video security went from ADT to DIY.Â

But, frankly (and thankfully) not that much happens in the home. Sure, you may have the occasional package stolen around the holidays, you may be able to catch a funny moment when your family member was living the motto “dance like no one is watching,” and you may even catch the rare intruder. Statistically speaking, though, we need security in our cars far more than in our homes. From crashes, to break ins, to insane drivers you just want to catch and share – we see more during any given daily commute than we do in our homes all year.

Enter the Owl Car Cam. The brainchild of Andy Hodge, whose career launching “first ever” products included the iPod, Microsoft Hololens, and Dropcam, the Owl Car Cam set out to take the cloud-connected, easy-to-install, always-protecting home security camera and make it travel at 70 miles per hour.

“Wait a minute,” we hear you say in your most skeptical voice.”Dash cameras have been around forever. They’re practically government issued in Russia. You can buy one for $20 on Amazon.”

Congratulations, you just encapsulated Clarity’s challenge: How do you get the world to take a second look at car security as a space ripe for innovation, rather than a “solved problem”. To meet that challenge, the Clarity team embarked on an ambitious program that combined a steady drumbeat of product announcements, in-person meetings with hundreds of tech, auto, and security journalists, an aggressive review program, and a nationwide local media campaign to highlight Owl success stories.

Here were just some of the results:


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