Mitie is the UK’s facilities management & professional services company. Its c50,000 employees, provide infrastructure consultancy, facilities management, property management, energy, and healthcare services.

Company GOAL:

Mitie came to us seeking a UX led redesign and migration to WordPress from Kentico, whilst improving the site structure, information architecture and navigation. With a number of different user personas, Mitie wanted to ensure that it is easier for all users to find information they need on the site to support the entirety of the customer journey, and future digital marketing and inbound lead generation.

Clarity’s Challenge:

We needed to build a UX focused redesign and migration from Kentico to WordPress to support digital marketing, communications & lead generation for the UK’s leading facilities management & professional services company.


We kicked off the project with a thorough strategy, discovery and definition phase involving all the key business stakeholders to create a streamlined and clear strategy for the project, align stakeholders and ensure the project could be delivered against its strategic objectives.

Discovery workshops

With a number of cross industry clients and personas who use the site, we began the design stage by focusing on clear user personas and journey mapping. This was followed by work on content, information architecture and an improved UX.


The Clarity team then focused on creating the wireframes for a refreshed design with a simple and intuitive UX. This improves clarity of user journeys, and helps the different user personas ‘discover’ more about Mitie, supporting marketing, lead generation, sales enablement and talent acquisition.

As Mitie is a leader in its field, with a number of awards and strong credentials, we ensured the website is able to showcase these clearly, positioning Mitie as an innovative company and supporting the sales journey for the different user personas.

WordPress development

We built a powerful content hub with advanced filtering and search for users to access whitepapers, case studies, videos and other content, tailored across services and sectors.

The website is integrated with Mitie’s investor relations platform and data, showing live share price details. We also built employee and office directories, integrated with the Google Maps API.

Personalised content hub

Mitie serves a number of industries with a complex array of personas, so finding a way to present the right information to the different users all at once was a challenge.

Clarity took an innovative approach to this by delivering a UX optimised, highly configurable & personalised content hub that allows users to search, sort and filter content based on their needs. This enables various stakeholders to engage with the extensive content on the Mitie website and help users easily ‘discover’ more about Mitie.

CMS Flexibility

Mitie wanted to embrace the flexibility & open source power of WordPress. As a result, we delivered a flexible CMS fit for future content publishing and digital marketing, migrating away from Kentico. WordPress allowed us to develop ‘modules’ instead of building ‘templates’. As a result, ‘modules’ of content can quickly & easily be used to piece together new pages as needed by the Mitie team with no technical web knowledge. We ensured that individual design elements with modules cannot be adjusted to ensure consistency & cohesiveness of the design.

As a result of our solution Mitie has been able to rapidly communicate around the fast moving COVID-19 situation. E.g. launching the ‘Getting Britain Back to Business’ campaign in a matter of days.

Marketing automation integration

One of the big focuses for Mitie was to improve lead generation and understand the sales journey better through the website. To aid this, the website was developed to support integration with marketing automation platform HubSpot.


700+ enquiries
120+ MQLs
35+ SQLs

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Company Goal: Maximise sales of the flagship product, the Neos SmartCam, during Amazon’s Easter Deals week

Clarity’s Challenge: Educate audiences about the smart camera, its superb features and great price

Neos engaged Clarity to increase awareness of the Neos brand and maximise sales of their flagship product, the Neos SmartCam, during Amazon’s Easter Deals Week (April 8th to 14th).

The key objective was to sell, sell, sell by educating audiences about the new smart camera with superb features at a great RRP.

Clarity needed to execute a campaign that go beyond traditional press office activities. To cut through the noise around the Easter sales period, the team needed to reach consumers across the channels they were on during the course of their daily lives.

As Instagram is increasingly the go-to channel for consumer marketing, Clarity activated a micro-influencer campaign in partnership with TRIBE, who represents influencers with follow counts from 1,000-10,000.

To generate genuine and authentic activity, Clarity and TRIBE put out a call to action for influencers across Neos’ target audiences (parenting, pet owners, general 25-55 consumer) to submit proposals incorporating the Neos SmartCam into their ‘lifestyle.’

The campaign drew 25 entries from lifestyle, pet and parenting influencers, and over the course of the campaign, Neos experienced a 900% uplift in sales




Company Goal: Move Fast. Break Nothing.

Clarity’s Challenge: Bring Silicon Valley to Wall Street

Often quoted in Silicon Valley circles is Facebook’s famous mantra “Move Fast and Break Things”. The unofficial motto of startups, it encapsulates not only a willingness to disrupt the status quo, but also a necessity to constantly be iterating, improving, and not worrying about the consequences until absolutely necessary. So what happens when you want to bring that same mindset to the world of Wall Street where innovation runs head-long into decades of necessary security and regulatory procedures? What happens when you have an innovative service, app, or platform that can only receive an update every 4-6 months? “Move fast and break things” won’t fly in that environment, so OpenFin set out to create a new world where  companies could “move fast and break nothing”, launching the first OS created specifically for Capital Markets.

The challenge for Clarity was two-fold: at first glance, OpenFin is both “too techie” to appeal to finance press and “too financie” (a new word we just made up) to appeal to tech press. The company needed a messaging and communications strategy that spoke to the complexity of the problem and the sophistication of their solution in terms that were accessible to each audience without sacrificing their credibility by oversimplifying in any given direction.

Clarity worked closely with the OpenFin team to establish muti-faceted messaging that could adapt to any audience and remains at the core of the company’s product marketing. We then embarked on a communications campaign that mixed OpenFin-owned events, industry speaking roles, contributed content, and product/company announcements with stellar results both in the finance and tech worlds:



Company Goal: Drive awareness among those looking to create the immersive games of the future

Clarity’s Challenge: Convey the benefits of Improbable’s SpatialOS platform to a difficult-to-reach target audience

How do you reach people with a God-complex? Games developers have to create new universes that appeal to millions of people, from the hot plains of the wild west in Red Dead Redemption to the zero gravity atmospheres in Mass Effect. Behind the scenes this is a complex development issue needing top B2B partners. That’s where our tech client Improbable steps in.

Improbable has developed a number of solutions including SpatialOS – a revolutionary cloud-based platform that enables the creation of multiplayer games. Founded by Cambridge University computer-science graduates in 2012, the company wanted, and needed, developers to use SpatialOS to develop games in order for it to grow.

Improbable had never previously executed digital campaigns to drive business-led objectives like product sign-ups. As such, Dynamo provided top-to-bottom digital consultancy, from strategic planning for marketing channels to maximise ROI, to the management of campaigns and reporting of results.

The overall objectives for the campaign included educating developers on what SpatialOS is; driving awareness of the platform without any proof the platform works – a high-risk, low-reward strategy until the games are proven; and communicating the benefits it could bring for a developer looking to make games for the future.


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