Wochit is a predictive video creation platform that empower any storyteller, regardless of experience or skill, to create unique high-impact videos at scale and with unprecedented speed.

Company GOAL:

Grow awareness, customer base and partnerships globally

Clarity’s Challenge:

Secure profile-building media coverage and executive positioning opportunities in the US, UK and EU


Video creation platform Wochit had been working with Spark in the US and Clarity in the UK. After three months, they migrated 100% of the work to Clarity. With a tiny, overextended marketing team. Wochit wanted a true partner that would help them prioritize efforts in order to yield the greatest results with the least lift on their end. Their goals were:

  • Establish with external audiences who the company is and how they’re differentiated from the main competitor
  • Solidify the company’s positioning in a way that could withstand the growing complexities of and players in the market
  • Grow the number of content partners and platform users around the world, with a particular interest in Asian markets
  • Increase visibility for the CEO, who was historically under the radar
  • Pull them out of their “shy and modest” habits and make their successes known

After a deep dive into the company and its strengths in the competitive,context Clarity helped to refine Wochit’s messaging to better highlight its differentiators and appeal to its primary customers. Initial positioning centered on the concepts of “journalistic storytelling” and “short-form social video,” and we focused on establishing Wochit as a partner who give expert guidance to media companies on how they can leverage video to engage with audiences across owned and syndicated channels.
Tactics included preparation of quarterly reports, the Social Performance Index, which provided insights on video production and consumption trends gleaned from thousands of videos from hundreds of Wochit users. We also aided in preparation of eBooks and other educational materials. For the CEO, we instituted an aggressive thought leadership program, publishing numerous bylined articles with target publications and providing rapid-response commentary on issues relevant to video and publishing..


Wochit forged a considerable number of content deals with major providers like Getty and AFP, and brought on new customers in the US, Singapore, Australia, China, Japan and Malaysia including Time, Inc., Bauer Media, Yahoo! Japan, USA Today, Viacom and many more.
The company also closed two rounds of funding ($13M and undisclosed), with investment from media giants including ProSieben, Singapore Press Holdings and PA Group.
In the first year of our engagement, the number fo videos created per day tripled and the company saw a 70% revenue increase..
CEO Dror Ginzberg became a go-to for commentary on live-streaming sports
The company was honored with a Gold Stevie Award for Best Video Platform for Media & Publishers and was named among the EContent Top 100 Companies in Digital Content for three consecutive years.

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This Girl Can

Company Goal: Launched in 2015, #TGC has successfully persuaded nearly three million women to get more active – but their work isn’t done yet. Clarity partnered with #TGC’s initiative, This Girl Can Swim to help them understand the messaging and imagery to use in their paid campaigns to best lead to women attending women’s only sessions at across 40 pools in the UK.

Clarity’s Challenge: Creating an effective paid strategy focused on converting a highly regionalized and specific demographic audience.

Clarity’s approach was to construct  test approach to determine the most successful strategy and one that would inform campaigns. We ran 1-week test phases across creative, brand messaging, and targeting and leveraged the learnings from each test phase to underpin optimisation throughout the wider project.



Company Goal: Clarity was tasked by Spatial one week before CES to elevate its presence at the show and garner attention from top tier outlets for its Q1 funding and partnership news.

Clarity’s Challenge: Clarity’s challenge was to deliver results in a short time frame

Spatial enables an entirely new way of working together and eliminates the need for video conferencing and work travel. With Spatial, users can connect from all over the world and share ideas seamlessly using lifelike avatars and knowledge work tools, unlocking a new level of productivity not confined by space.

Clarity was tasked by Spatial one week before CES to elevate its presence at the show and garner attention from top tier outlets for its Q1 funding and partnership news. With the obvious short time frame and news agenda around CES, Clarity’s challenge was to deliver meaningful results in one of the busiest times of the year.

Clarity worked hard to secure key briefings for Spatial, and in the week before CES and after the event this has resulted in a steady cadence of media placements, including top tier coverage with Axios, Fast Company, Tech Meme, TechCrunch, TIME Magazine and more.

In total, Clarity has secured over 40 placements to-date surrounding Spatial’s presence at CES, its Series A funding round, and partnership news and continues to generate placements amid its growth in popularity due to remote work.



Company Goal: Create a single source of truth in data

Clarity’s Challenge: Launch the Sequel to SQL

Once upon a time Looker, now valued at over $1.6 Billion with offices in New York, London, and San Francisco (just like us – minus the $1.6 Billion), was a tiny stealth startup out of Santa Cruz with the incredibly geeky dream of teaching the world to speak a new query language: LookML.

Armed with a great product, $2m in seed funding and about 20 small(ish) customers, Looker wanted to make a big impact out of the gate. Unfortunately, telling reporters in 2013 that you’ve created a new product that will simplify and democratize business intelligence was akin to a 10 year old Elon Musk saying he will land on Mars someday – “sure you will, kid.”

Looker needed a strategy that fought for credibility and took nothing for granted. No one was going to instantly recognize their value, and $2m in funding just wasn’t going to be enough to win the day. The Clarity team developed a strategy that focused heavily on the credibility of the company’s founder, Lloyd Tabb, and the problems that existed in business intelligence, rather than a dry laundry list of Looker’s benefits.

We didn’t take the easy route, but we knew we needed to elevate the message in order to get Looker the attention it deserved. We invested heavily in media training to craft the right message and sat Lloyd down with reporters from the most technical B2B publications in the world to make sure our message was battle-tested.

As a result, the launch of Looker generated significant demand for the previously-unknown upstart that would later take over the BI world. Clarity continued our work with Looker for a number of subsequent announcements and played a critical early role in establishing the solid base for future growth.


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