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The Impact of AI on Comms

"The generation by models of a real without origin or reality." Baudrillard's definition of hyperreality back in 1981 rings truer than ever. The rise of generative AI challenges our understanding of truth. We have chatbots that can hallucinate facts, deepfakes that spread misinformation, and filters that change your online appearance. Are we not woefully unequipped to deal with this hyperreal world?

Enlisting our specialist network, Clarity has delivered an in-depth report on the impact of AI on the communications sector, covering current challenges and future forecasts.

Find out how marketing and communications professionals can deal with these challenges in this informative report.

We’re committed to exploring the possibilities, experimenting with the technology and harnessing the power of AI to effect meaningful positive change for our clients, our team, and the world we live in.

This report offers an insight into our own explorative journey as communications professionals.

Sami McCabeCEO, Clarity

You'll learn:

  • What you can do about bias in training data and potential AI outputs
  • If AI ever replace human creativity
  • How companies should adopt AI and how they can ensure ethical use in their organisation

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