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A global user-driven charitable blockchain platform


• Any person can become the platform user.
• Any person can file an application for the platform (in their native language).
• The monetary funds are received from the users as the crypto-currency.


• Any user can vote for the application they like.
• The system can choose any user for approval of application.


• The users who have voted for the certain application do not participate in its approval.  
• The system selects the users for approval in a random way.
• All information relating to the executed applications is kept in the blockchain and is publicly available.

KARYAKIN SERGEY Founder of the project

I'm a racer, a winner of the Dakar rally, but it does not prevent me from participation in the innovative projects. In the world, millions of people need help, and I believe that it is possible to create a global system and help hundreds and thousands of families around the world with the help of information technology, as well as good people.

POKIDOV ILYA Founder of the project

I have always kept track of the development of information technology and wanted to implement a global service for the ordinary users. I consider the blockchain and crypto-currency to be the ideal tool for implementation of the charitable project. Technology should bring good things and help people.

WINGS Technical partner

We like to implement new projects using the modern technologies. Our platforms are installed in different countries and we are constantly developing new solutions.
We believe that the charitable project based on the blockchain technology will help many people from different places in the world and make the process of the fund distribution absolutely transparent.

Join the Clarity community and make the world a better place.