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Legislative & Regulatory threats

Understanding the potential impact of regulatory change on your business

Every business is required to comply with regulations. By preparing for change strategically, you can reassure customers and make policy work to your advantage.

Nick LansmanPresident, Corporate Affairs

Horizon scanning to spot potential legislative and regulatory threats, and opportunities, is essential to any business wanting to keep its finger on the pulse.

Our policy development intelligence and strategic counsel will give you the confidence to find your voice within the policy making process.

We are expert navigators of the political landscape and we’re driven to shape positive change for our clients.


Understanding the regulatory landscape and building a strategy in response to it takes deep expertise. Our intelligence-driven approach is consistent in all of the work we do, to deliver targeted and measurable results every time.

Trusted methods to create meaningful impact

Transparency and openness are cornerstones for our relationship with clients. From initial monitoring of change to advice on messaging, we take pride in becoming an extension of your team.

Strategic Counsel Informed by intelligence

The first step is always the most difficult. We are here to simplify the complex and guide you through the process with our tried and tested strategies.





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