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Conversion rate optimization

Optimizing website performance for more leads and sales

Core to our CRO approach at Clarity is not just optimizing the site journeys, but also identifying the barriers to conversion. This means we can empower our clients to deeply understand those issues and fix them.

Phil WadeVice President, Measurement & Analytics

Clarity’s approach to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is one that promotes continuous improvement. We gather insights, develop hypotheses, test those hypotheses, analyze results, then make changes and run the insight gathering process again to restart the cycle.

Our thorough insights process blends web analytics, screen recording and heat mapping with what we term ‘Voice of the Customer’. Voice of the Customer is established through surveying of users, user testing, and message testing to truly understand the intent of those on your site, and whether people are succeeding with what they wanted to achieve.

These insights allow us to understand how many people are failing in their reason to visit your site and why. From there we structure our hypotheses and run experimentation programs that are able to power site improvements that augment the buyer journey.

Our CRO services drive positive impact against your commercial objectives, generating more leads and sales for your brand.

Our integrated approach has earned us multiple awards and nominations.

Improve ROI & performance

Our CRO services mean you get more value from your web traffic  by powering more effective lead generation. Great CRO translates directly into superb ROI. Our approach promotes a cycle of continuous improvement so you’re not only best optimized to get those all important leads and sales, but can rest assured that you’re a step ahead of the competition.

Scale your business

Our competitors are always moving and changing - if you do nothing you won’t be standing still, you’ll be going backwards. Effective CRO enables you to continuously boost the sophistication of your website, meaning it grows as you do. With our analytics and insights experts, as well as our broader digital marketing and website development teams, we’re uniquely positioned to provide our clients with a holistic CRO package.




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