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Government Relations & Public Affairs

Government Relations and Public Affairs expertise that shape change and create policy impact

Our team has Parliament, policy, media relations and business strategy experience, but are united by a passion for helping brands drive impact through policy change.

Nick LansmanPresident, Corporate Affairs

Policy matters because it shapes our society. It underpins nations’ most important decisions, impacting lives and economies. Whether it’s tackling health inequalities, grappling with the climate emergency, or harnessing the potential of digital, policy powers inevitable change. 

Sitting back and watching it unfold or unravel is therefore not an option. 

Policy also operates in a landscape that’s in a constant state of flux, governed by ever-changing factors, from laws and regulations, to politicians, to the press and social media. 

Working with key stakeholder groups, we help our clients navigate this environment, ensuring their voices are heard in crowded conversations, influencing decisions and building reputations. Our unique offering is the perfect fusion of Government Relations, Public Affairs and PR.

Our integrated approach has earned us multiple awards and nominations.

Who Are Our Government Relations and Public Affairs Services For?

Our hard-hitting, knowledgeable Public Affairs team have worked with small businesses, massive corporations, trade bodies, not-for-profits, and charities. Ultimately, we’re all affected by policy and this means Government Relations and Public Affairs are relevant for every organization.

Our strategy and tactics are tailored to meet our clients’ bespoke needs, and our campaigns vary from the niche and technical, to achieving front page news. We’ve been instrumental in shaping internet policy to enable e-commerce to flourish, and to protect children online; we’ve campaigned to improve the take up of HealthTech by the NHS; we’re championing Cybersecurity, FinTech and Energy-Tech; and we’re supporting clients on their road to net zero.

What Government Relations and Public Affairs Services Do We Offer?

 Our Government Relations and Public Affairs teams support clients to shape policy, change regulations, build thought leadership and drive brand awareness across five key areas. These are:

  • Strategy - We build strategies that help define your policy goals, alongside creating compelling messaging, data and research, and setting plans in motion to engage meaningfully with key influencers 
  • Insight - We will be your eyes and ears on all new policy announcements and media developments so you can react at the right time, in the right way
  • Outreach - We create credible campaigns that influence both decision makers and broader stakeholders so they authentically champion your cause
  • Events - We organize events for our clients in the Houses of Parliament which include the planning and implementation of full conferences, dinners, networking drinks and receptions - all with the stakeholders that matter in attendance.
  • Integrated communications - Clarity is able to uniquely provide the perfect combination of Government Relations, Public Affairs and PR that will help you achieve real impact and policy change.

Our Government Relations and Public Affairs Expertise

Our Public Affairs team has over 25 years’ experience working with clients to shape agendas and drive positive societal change. Our purpose is to empower organizations to find their voice, cut through the noise and complexity, develop a clear strategy, and build their brand with meaning. With a unique blend of political advocacy, lobbying and PR, we enable our clients to mold policy, engage with the media and campaign for change.

Clarity has built and delivered an effective voice for the UK ISP sector through its support for the Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA). For many years now, Clarity has helped ISPA to lead the policy agenda, represent the sector to parliamentarians, civil servants and the media and promote a vibrant and critical industry.

Steve Leighton Chairman of The (Internet Services Providers’ Association) ISPA UK

Our Outcomes

  • Clear policy change following client lobbying campaigns, for example of the Online Safety Bill representing a global online marketplace and Uk telecoms sector
  • Establishment of ongoing relations with key stakeholders including Ministers, parliamentarians, government officials 
  • Client issues and brand awareness raised amongst influencers through parliamentary debates, inquiries, consultations, events and site visits.
  • Clients fully prepared and engaged in future policy development to navigate commercial threats and opportunities




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