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Adtech & Martech

AdTech and MarTech brands can cut through the noise, show their value, and grow their business with Clarity

With shrinking budgets and all eyes on privacy, AdTech and MarTech brands need a trusted partner to articulate how they bring value to their customers and publishers.” 

Monica FeigSenior Vice President

With deep experience in the AdTech and MarTech space, we have a proven track record of achieving positive impact with platforms that provide analytics and services to allow publishers and advertisers to connect with content owners. 

We’ve worked with the entire spectrum of AdTech and MarTech organizations, including those that empower publishers and advertisers to place ads, measure impact, and very importantly ensure ads are appearing in fraud-free and brand-safe environments.

Not only do we have experience supporting AdTech and MarTech firms, but as a group of specialist communicators and marketers that have worked both in-house and in-agency for decades, we understand your audience intimately - because we are your audience. By combining our real-life lived experience, with our industry leading data analytics, we’re able to build the best possible integrated strategies and campaigns for our AdTech and Martech clients, every time.

We have delivered global impact for companies across countless sectors. Here are some of the clients we have worked with.

We Get AdTech & MarTech

In a crowded AdTech & MarTech marketplace with overlapping categories, you need a strong, integrated marketing and communications strategy to build awareness, challenge industry leaders, and gain status as an organization. 

Marketing to marketers and advertisers can be a challenge of its own, with hyper-awareness of the sector leaving many of these audiences dubious to sales tactics. Your marketing and communications needs to be one step ahead. That’s where Clarity comes in. We work with fast-growing MarTech and AdTech companies to help them show up, stand out and scale.

The Challenges We Solve for AdTech & MarTech Clients

Clarity will empower you to…

  • Understand and leverage changing regulations - Working closely with our public affairs team, we have the advantage of being able to bring consultancy to clients at the point where AdTech & MarTech innovation and policy intersects.
  • Strategically navigate different platforms and walled gardens - We ensure we understand new trends and regulations so the consultancy we offer is topical, concise, and effective. Whether talking to partners, media, customers, investors or your own staff, we have a track record of driving positive impact for the most ambitious organizations.
  • Continue boosting revenue despite squeezed marketing budgets - Using comprehensive insights we’ll develop strong messaging for your business that we know will resonate with stakeholders, ahead of amplifying it via integrated, measurable campaigns.
  • Stand out with creativity - We look ‘beyond basic’ to ensure we are thinking creatively about driving engagement for your brand in a meaningful way.


  • We helped OpenWeb navigate through two acquisitions, as well as messaging how new offerings folded into their product suite.
  • We spearheaded comms support for Extreme Reach through multiple quarterly benchmarks reports, and its acquisition of AdStream.
  • We instituted a powerful thought leadership campaign for Paul Roberts, CEO and founder of Kubient, securing multiple commentary and content opportunities in publications such as The Drum, Adweek, and other top tier advertising publications.



Our Approach

Global impact doesn’t happen by accident. Our data-driven approach is consistent in all of the work we do, to deliver targeted and measurable results every time. Find out more About Us.

Our Expertise

As a full-service agency, our entrepreneurial mindset powers our ability to creatively solve our client’s challenges. We take pride in our positive culture and agile teams, as we continue to grow our Communities and Resources.

Our Vision

We accelerate positive change through the magic of storytelling and the science of data. We are proud of the impact delivered for clients and across the Clarity Global Group.



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