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FinTech is our heritage. Let our experts provide fearless communications and marketing consultancy to help your business succeed

Our FinTech knowledge is unparalleled. Across insurtech, SaaS, ecommerce, blockchain, crypto and even VC, we consistently deliver tangible impact for the sector.

Liam McLaughlinPartner

With extensive knowledge of the FinTech industry across regions, with offices in financial epicenters of major cities from London to Sydney, we are primed to offer world-class marketing and communications consultancy for FinTechs at any stage of their growth journey.

Whether you’re a startup looking to launch into the market and disrupt a category of legacy players, a scaleup looking to raise awareness amongst the investor community, or a mid tier organization already on the runway towards IPO, we understand your space. And we have the credentials and relationships to prove it, helping you make waves in the crowded FinTech landscape.

You need a marketing and communications agency that can harness the science of data to reach your audience, use the power of influence to build trust, and utilize the magic of storytelling to convince them to take the actions that ladder back to your business objectives.

We have delivered global impact for companies across countless sectors. Here are some of the clients we have worked with.

We Get FinTech

You need an agency that has the right connections, understands market complexity, and can tell the most compelling story that speaks to the right audiences. We have that expertise in the FinTech sector. 

We stay ahead of trends and regulations, deliver unique positions for ambitious brands, and get them in front of the right people – whether that is partners, customers, investors or all three. And this is not just hot air. From successful challenger banks like Monzo, to “buy now, pay later” pioneers like Zilch, via blockchain, crypto, FinTech VCs, insurtech, and SaaS, we have consistently delivered business impact for our FinTech clients for over a decade.

The Challenges We Solve for FinTech Clients

Clarity will empower you to…

  • Navigate an ever changing regulatory landscape - Working closely with our public affairs team, we have the advantage of being able to bring consultancy to clients at the point where FinTech innovation and policy intersects.
  • Drive share of voice in a crowded market - Using comprehensive insights we’ll develop strong messaging for your business that we know will resonate with stakeholders, ahead of amplifying it via integrated, measurable campaigns.
  • Simplify complex messaging for a consumer audience - We have a track record of taking complex financial messaging and translating it into a format that will resonate and excite consumer stakeholders, while being mindful of financial regulations.
  • Support fundraising and IPOs - We have deep experience supporting FinTechs across their growth journeys, from seed to startup to scaleup to stock market.
  • Reach qualified and available talent - We help FinTechs find and attract the best talent with messaging we know will resonate, across the channels where talent are the most engaged.

Our FinTech Expertise

Working with startups like Freeagent up to enterprises like AON means our approach, our contacts, and our results are relevant regardless of an organization’s stage. No other agencies have the breadth of FinTech experience we do. 

We also constantly work hard to ensure we understand new trends and regulations so the consultancy we offer is topical, concise, and effective. Whether talking to partners, media, customers, investors or your own staff, we have a track record of driving positive impact for the most ambitious FinTechs. 

We've worked with Clarity for a number of years and they've supported us through some key stages of our journey from start-up to scale-up. The team's creative approach and strategic thinking have helped us to gain profile across our key audience bases, helping to drive sign-ups and ultimately boost our bottom line.

Adrian MatherPR and Media Manager at FreeAgent


  • We helped Zilch become the fastest growing unicorn in Europe, then supported it’s U.S. expansion 
  • 30+ FinTechs supported with marketing and communications in ten years


  • Currensea, shortlisted for B2B Campaign of the Year at the PR Moment Awards 2021



Our Approach

Global impact doesn’t happen by accident. Our data-driven approach is at the heart of the work we do, delivering targeted and measurable results every time. Find out more About Us.

Our Expertise

As a full-service agency, our entrepreneurial mindset powers our ability to creatively solve our client’s challenges. We take pride in our positive culture and agile teams, as we continue to grow our Communities and Resources.

Our Vision

We accelerate positive change through the magic of storytelling and the science of data. We are proud of the impact delivered for clients and across the Clarity Global Group.



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