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Thought Leadership

Define your voice and command audiences with powerful thought leadership communications

Being a thought leader on key issues maintains credibility with stakeholders, supports lead generation and conversion, and can even affect the share price.

Michael GonzalezSenior Vice President - Corporate Strategy

One of the biggest challenges for modern organizations is defining what they stand for and the broader issues they champion. Having a mission and vision that the company consistently acts on is no longer optional. This is where Thought Leadership strategy comes in.

Quality Thought Leadership requires a deep understanding of the broader market and the context in which the organization fits, and the impact it has on stakeholders. Businesses need to listen to stakeholders and their community, understand what they need to do to drive a positive impact within that community, take action, and then report back and comment on key issues to be a true thought leader.

Our broad range of Thought Leadership services, ranging from insight-driven messaging workshops to Thought Leadership content strategy and creation are all purpose built to give our clients the right to play as thought leaders in their sectors.

Our integrated approach has earned us multiple awards and nominations.

Who Is Our Thought Leadership Service For?

We help organizations - from startups to industry titans across sectors - to create consistent and coherent thought leadership strategies that build trust amongst stakeholders and create content and communications that drive impact. 

We’ve run messaging workshops for the likes of Zoa and Firebrand, and Point of View sessions to pull out stakeholder external talk tracks with BAE Systems Digital Intelligence and ChargePoint. We’ve created speaker narratives for Momentive, and run various roundtable debates for FreeAgent. Every company, whether B2B, B2C, or B2B2C will drive value with quality Thought Leadership.

Why Is An Effective Thought Leadership Strategy Important?

Thought Leadership focuses on the why over what: what we do is often less interesting than  why we do it and the bigger issues we tackle. The ethos of our corporate comms and editorial teams is to constantly question organizations’ why in order to champion the bigger debate and engage with the outside world through thought-provoking social posts, in-depth content, and commentary in key global media such as the Financial Times, CNBC, Australian Financial Review, and The Next Web.

The benefits of a strong Thought Leadership strategy include:

  • Increased positive brand perception and trust amongst key stakeholders and audiences, which supports lead generation and conversion
  • An understand of, and right to play in, critical industry and regulatory conversations
  • More joint up, integrated marketing and communications campaigns, with strong thought leadership messaging and content at the core
  • Evidence based messaging that can be utilized by key stakeholders and sales teams across their owned channels, customer communications, and at internal and external events
  • Better relationships with key influencers who will value Thought Leadership commentary and insight over branded sales spiel

Our Thought Leadership Expertise

 Our corporate communications and editorial team combine insights, content delivery, corporate comms consultancy, public affairs knowledge, and media relations. The result is a 360 degree model that identifies, creates, delivers, and amplifies thought leadership. 

This model generates measurable and tangible impact demonstrating the value and ROI of marketing and communications back to the C-Suite and board.

As our European strategic comms advisor, Clarity's provided us with highly impactful media strategies and corporate consultancy in areas covering everything from crisis comms to executive coaching. Demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the European EV and mobility industry, they've helped us to be at the forefront of European thought leadership.

Matthew EnevoldsonSenior Communications Manager Europe, ChargePoint



  • Currensea, shortlisted for B2B Campaign of the Year at the PR Moment Awards 2021



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