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Intelligence & Strategy

Data-driven insights to unlock the full potential of your marketing and communications strategy

The ability to take a step back, assess the situation and plot the best next step, that’s something we pride ourselves on.

Alex JuddHead of Insight

Fast-growing and market-leading brands often rush into execution without intelligence and strategy to shed light on their enigmatic markets; they can be quick to pull the trigger before centering their target. 

Unlock the full potential of your marketing and communications with our intelligence and strategy services. We utilise the latest marketing science and technology platforms to get inside the minds of your target audience. 

By thinking ‘audience first’, our intelligence and strategy services support campaigns that resonate at a deeper level than your competitors, and ultimately, deliver tangible results that positively impact your business. 

Unlock Your Competitive Advantage With Intelligence First, Execution Second

Our integrated intelligence and strategy services help brands unlock their competitive advantage by gaining a deep understanding of target markets, latching onto emerging trends and measuring impact. Intelligence and strategy first, execution second.

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Our integrated approach has earned us multiple awards and nominations.

Answer the What, How and Why With Evidence-Backed Insight 

In a fast-paced marketplace brands can be too quick to execute on their marketing and communications campaigns, looking for fast-solutions to mask their challenges. 

Before you embark on the how, we’ll ask the why. Why? To locate the central point of your challenges and build campaigns that deliver better results that have a bigger impact on your business objectives. 

Embed the Latest Marketing Science into Your Business 

We subscribe to the guidance of current marketing science and bake it into our intelligence and strategy services - Les Bint, Peter Field, Dr Grace Kite, Professor Byron Sharp and more. Their best practices are ours. 

From brand positioning to audience segmentation, leading marketing scientists are the first to know what works for a modern audience… and we’re the second. 


We contributed to a 260% increase in earned share of voice and an 18% increase in share of search for McKinsey, making them the number one in their competitor set and the semiconductor thought leader.


We helped Streetbeat gain a 200% increase in app downloads, reaching 100,000+.

Intelligence and Strategy Supports Our Full Range Integrated Services 

Clarity’s intelligence and strategy services act as a guiding light across the agency. Our integrated services produce collaborative campaigns that resonate across channels, platforms and audiences. By centralising messaging, tactics and segments, we’re able to create fully integrated campaigns that have a greater impact on your audience.

Clarity has been a critical component in establishing the Neato Robotics premium brand in the minds of the media and consumers alike. The Clarity team comprises that rare combination of intellect, creativity, and execution. They consistently deliver high-impact marketing programs that deliver business goals. Most importantly, the Clarity team has become a partner.”

Howard LeydaVP Marketing, Neato Robotics

The Clarity team has elevated our media networks beyond what I thought we could achieve. Not just that, but they’ve been wonderful thought partners and hugely proactive — a critical extension of our team. They’ve seen and created opportunities where we would never have spotted them.”

Taylor BurnsCommunications Director, McKinsey




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