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Brand Strategy

All successful brands need one - win market share with an intelligent brand strategy 

Brand Strategy doesn't start with the brand, it starts with the audience. Knowing what makes them tick, applying the latest marketing science, then linking to your brand objectives.

Alex JuddHead of Insight

A successful brand strategy is fundamental to gaining majority market share. But in competitive and crowded categories brands can easily fall into the trap of imitative or over-used branding. 

That’s where we come in. Our brand strategy services put your target audience at the heart of your brand strategy for optimal results. By utilising the latest marketing sciences we understand how your audience behaves, thinks and feels, while keeping your business objectives front and centre.

Our integrated approach has earned us multiple awards and nominations.

An ABC² Analysis Model to Set Your Brand Apart

To create your brand strategy we’ll analyse the full landscape of Audience, Brand, Category and Culture to discover opportunities for your brand to stand out. A strategic brand strategy can further resonate with your market and ultimately gain market share. Our model takes the most important factors into account, with your audience at the centre of research and analysis.

Get Your Whole Organisation On Board

Part of what makes a great brand is its people. It's vital to get your entire team involved with the brand strategy process, to have them reflected in the brand and sold on your vision. While the strategy might be driven by data, it will be built by consensus.

Steer Clear of Boring, Stale Branding

Competitor research in the early stages of brand work can often lead to copycat branding. Yes, there are audience expectations within certain sectors, and some brands you can’t help feel inspired by, but for a brand to overtake competitors and win market share it has to stand out. We’re known for our creative edge, as we ask the right questions to find those nuggets of gold within your organisation that will set it apart from the rest. 

Clarity has been a critical component in establishing the Neato Robotics premium brand in the minds of the media and consumers alike. The Clarity team comprises that rare combination of intellect, creativity, and execution. They consistently deliver high-impact marketing programs that deliver business goals. Most importantly, the Clarity team has become a partner.

Howard LeydaVP Marketing, Neato Robotics




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