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Media Training

Specialist guidance giving you full media confidence

Communicating confidently and effectively through media builds corporate reputation. This is why media training is invaluable.

Nick OwensDirector, Corporate & Reputation, Sefiani

Media appearances can make or break reputations. Before any media engagement, it is critical that your spokespeople are prepared. As trusted partners in media management, we offer training that instills confidence and assuredness in your media spokespeople, empowering them to land key messages with clarity.

Bolster your communications toolkit with a carefully structured and proven training module that will improve media interview techniques and ability in front of a camera.

Our integrated approach has earned us multiple awards and nominations.

What Media Training Services Do We Offer?

Exposing inexperienced spokespeople to the media for the first time carries significant risk. Our half-day (1-3 participants) or full-day (4-5 participants) Media Training modules help you jump that first hurdle without outside pressure.

Our Media Training modules provide:

  • Familiarization with media practise
  • Positive and negative example analysis
  • Message development and structuring 
  • Interview techniques
  • Bridging (strategy for dealing with difficult interviews)
  • Simulated interviews with feedback

The Value of Media Training

Media Training is key to ensure stakeholders present with confidence and land key messages in press interviews. Key value adds include:

  • Ensuring presenters speak with authority, influencing audiences and capturing their imagination.
  • Achieving consistent and coherent delivery of the organization’s vision, narrative, and key messaging.
  • Empowering spokespeople to control media conversations, accurately delivering key messages and viewpoints. 
  • Establishing the organization as a go-to for media commentary and event speaking.

Our Media Training Expertise

Across our offices, training is conducted by a specialist trainer, with the option to bring in a working journalist to guide simulated interviews. Participants will learn how to communicate persuasively while delivering ’newsworthy’ quotes and navigating through a range of interview styles.




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