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Events and Awards

Event management and award strategy that will drive brand recognition and trust

Our experience spearheading awards and events programs can help you drive brand awareness, grow trust and visibility across key audiences, and differentiate you from competitors.

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We know awards and events, and can use our global little black book of contacts to ensure you have the best possible chance of winning your industry’s top award, or landing a coveted keynote speaking slot. Our work as partner to The Next Web means that we have inside knowledge of how large conferences work, and we use that to our clients advantage. 

Unlike other agencies which may focus purely on media relations, Clarity is a full service marketing and communications agency, meaning we can support you on your entire awards and events journey, from messaging, submission drafting, presentation training, website optimization, paid social support, among others. 

Our holistic approach means we make the most out of every opportunity for you and ensure award wins and speaking opportunities are leveraged to their greatest extent. 

Our integrated approach has earned us multiple awards and nominations.

Who Are Our Events and Awards Services For?

 Whether you’ve previously won industry awards or have been invited to speak at conferences, Or you don’t have the first idea about what Awards and Events would be relevant for your company and spokespeople - Clarity is here to help. 

From collating a bespoke calendar of relevant industry Awards and Events, to drafting submissions, and supporting any spokespeople with presentation jitters, we’ve supported countless organizations with their Awards and Events strategies, 

Ensuring you’re seen at the right events, and are winning awards can sometimes feel like less of a priority than other elements of your marketing strategy. However, they are a key tactic to increase brand recognition, build trust and credibility, and leverage your successes to deliver sales and future investments. Award wins can also help sales teams open doors, and be the difference between winning and losing a potential client against a competitor.

Why Are Effective Events and Awards Strategies Important?

One of the biggest challenges for any business is building brand awareness and recognition in your space. Submitting entries for industry awards and participating in relevant events can help you increase your  visibility and establish your company as thought leaders within your field. Our job is to not only support you in submitting for these events and awards, but to guide you through the sometimes tricky journey of identifying which events/awards are going to be most impactful for your business. 

Awards and Events can also establish your credibility by demonstrating your expertise, unique selling points and successes with potential customers, partners, and investors. Our team is on hand to ensure you make the most out of these opportunities, whether that’s from a networking perspective, shouting about your win on social media, or setting up media interviews with your spokespeople at events. 

Our Events and Awards Expertise

 Making sure your award submission or speaking track for an event is unique, and provides your company with the best springboard to build awareness and trust, alongside positioning yourself as a thought leader, is a must. At Clarity, our team of content writers, media and presentation training experts, and media relations specialists will ensure your submission or talk track is perfectly pitched to support your business objectives. 

Winning industry awards and being a panelist or keynote speaker at big events can provide a significant competitive advantage, positioning you as a leader in your field. Our integrated marketing and communications know-how means that once we’ve landed you the speaking spot or the award, we can also update your website and amplify your achievement to key audiences.

As our European strategic comms advisor, Clarity's provided us with highly impactful media strategies and corporate consultancy in areas covering everything from crisis comms to executive coaching. Demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the European EV and mobility industry, they've helped us to be at the forefront of European thought leadership.

Matthew Enevoldson Senior Communications Manager Europe, ChargePoint




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