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Issues & Crisis Communications

Powerful communications to safeguard reputation

Effective crisis preparedness and management is critical to protect corporate reputation, one of any organization’s most valuable assets.

Nick OwensDirector, Corporate Communications & Reputation Management

Our expert issues and crisis management team helps organizations be crisis ready by identifying and prioritizing risks that could harm reputation. 

This sees us running crisis drill exercises and tough media training scenarios to ensure spokespeople are confident no matter how confronting a media interview may be. We actively encourage our clients to take positive action to ensure the crisis incident cannot happen again, and we develop crisis response materials to keep all stakeholders informed through multiple channels as a crisis unfolds.

Our integrated approach has earned us multiple awards and nominations.

What Issues Management and Crisis Communications Services Do We Offer?

We help you stay ahead of any crisis by building a strategy,  mindset, and processes around resilience and preparedness to overcome any situation you might face. We focus on the four cycles of a crisis event: prepare, respond, evaluate and evolve, all which form part of a continuum. The learnings from a crisis are fundamental for the evolution of any organization.

Our strategy and tactics are tailored to meet our clients’ bespoke needs, and our campaigns vary from the niche and technical, to achieving front page news. We’ve been instrumental in shaping internet policy to enable e-commerce to flourish, and to protect children online; we’ve campaigned to improve the take up of HealthTech by the NHS; we’re championing Cybersecurity, FinTech and Energy-Tech; and we’re supporting clients on their road to net zero.

Our Issues Management and Crisis Communications Expertise

Clarity’s teams have decades of experience in crisis management and issues communications. We know that a good adviser anticipates risks and pitfalls, plans carefully for likely scenarios, and is prepared with strong messages for media and stakeholders as the issue or crisis unfolds.

We’ve guided clients across the globe through significant and complex crises in numerous sectors including financial markets, professional services, heavy industry, education, and food sectors.



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