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Coalitions & Associations

Harness the power of collective influence to shape public opinion and decision-making in your favor

We bring companies from different sectors together to shape government policy and regulation, providing a unified, powerful voice to the media.

Nick LansmanPresident, Corporate Affairs

Harness the power of collective influence to shape public opinion and decision-making in your favor.

At Clarity, we bring a wealth of experience in establishing and managing trade bodies, associations, informal coalitions, alliances and All-Party Groups. Our team understands the nuances of running these groups and the significant influence they wield in shaping public opinion and decision-making. We don’t just help to establish these entities, but also ensure they thrive and serve their purpose effectively.

Our team has been at the helm of numerous successful trade bodies and coalitions, enabling us to understand the unique dynamics and challenges associated with managing these groups. Whether you're looking to establish a new trade body, manage an existing one, or leverage the power of an informal coalition, we are here to help.

Our integrated approach has earned us multiple awards and nominations.

What Industry Association Communications Services Do We Offer?

We have decades of experience in both establishing and running new trade associations, and advising existing trade bodies.

Our full service for engaging with and supporting industry associations includes: 

  • Secretariat services
  • Public Relations 
  • Public Affairs
  • Content creation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Events Management

Our Industry Association Communications Expertise

When working with industry associations, we pride ourselves in bringing together companies in a single sector to create a united voice and campaign for common objectives. We’ve successfully done this in industries including internet services, telecommunications, HealthTech, Insurtech, and cybersecurity.

We bring unrivaled knowledge of how to establish industry special interest groups to the table, so they run efficiently and cost effectively. We also promote productive discussion between industry players with our proprietary workshops, and organize annual events programs to bring members together, including working groups, conferences, award ceremonies, and even Parliamentary networking events.

Clarity has built and delivered an effective voice for the UK ISP sector through its support for the Internet Services Providers' Association (ISPA). For many years now, Clarity has helped ISPA to lead the policy agenda, represent the sector to parliamentarians, civil servants and the media and promote a vibrant and critical industry

Steve LeightonChairman of The (Internet Services Providers’ Association) ISPA UK





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