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Analytics & Measurement

Make better business decisions, and more confidently, with our Analytics and Measurement services

We carefully select the best ways to measure and display success, demonstrating how activity directly impacts your business objectives.

Phil WadeVice President, Measurement & Analytics

Analytics and measurement isn’t just about collecting your data. It’s about knowing what data to look at and how to look at it. Ultimately, fully integrated analytics services can lead to the discovery of powerful target audience and customer insights for your organisation. 

You’ll be able to make better business decisions, and more confidently, to increase revenue and drive growth by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing activity.

Full Scope, From Measurement to Reporting

We work cross-functionally across our digital marketing and communications teams to create measurement plans that span the full marketing output for our clients. We implement tracking, join data sets and perform data engineering to create comprehensive dashboards and reports for your organisation to understand.

Our integrated approach has earned us multiple awards and nominations.

Integrated Services for Improved Collaboration

We have a full range of marketing and communication services available, and with whom we work with to provide accurate insights for clients. Such close-knit relationships mean cohesion between your campaigns and data, and ultimately more insights for more growth.

Know What Happened and Why

We won’t just tell you if a campaign met objectives or not. Our analytics services take a critical look at campaign data to find the insights that tell you why it was successful. Whether you used the right channels, employed impactful messaging or found your ideal audience. We’ll let you know so you know which moves to play next. 

Prove the Value of Your Marketing Activities

With tight budgets the best thing you can do for your marketing is to prove its value. Analytics and measurement will provide your team with hard evidence your campaigns are working, and just how much impact they’re having on the most important metrics of your business.



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