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Data-driven paid strategy and campaigns to scale your business


48% more fundraising sign-ups than our target, and cost-per-sign up was 33% below target. 


We lowered cost-per-lead by 81% for our enterprise tech client. 


We lowered cost-per-lead by 67% for our client, a market research agency.

Our strategic, creative and insights-led paid social approach means we deliver efficient and high-performance campaigns across an ever-changing social media landscape.

Nicky OldaleSenior Paid Media Strategist

Our tailored approaches to paid social media campaigns are founded on best-practice and specialist excellence. Every client brief is unique, so by applying reliable, proven approaches, alongside our expert knowledge, we craft actions destined to make their paid social plans exceed expectations.

These clients trusted Clarity Paid Social services

Clarity has been a trusted partner to Aon for over a decade now, consistently exceeding targets and expectation. Their team is very much part of ours. It’s a rare agency relationship and is testament to their continued skill & leadership.

Lynzi AshworthMarketing Director, Aon

Paid social experts in leading platforms

Your customers don't stay in one place and neither should your paid social campaigns. We take a multi-channel approach to your campaigns to reach your audience wherever they may be.

Why paid social media is important for your business

Social media channels are just as important as search and email, but paid social channels are also just as noisy. Chosen by visionary companies worldwide, we get their brands seen and heard amongst crowded categories and competitive media buyers.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a haven for B2B advertising. It’s home to the internet’s largest audience of business professionals, many of whom may not be on consumer social media platforms.

As your dedicated LinkedIn advertising partner, we commit to crafting a strategy uniquely suited to your objectives. Be it generating business leads, enhancing recruitment efforts, or bolstering brand visibility, our focus is on optimising your return on investment (ROI).

Instagram Ads

Instagram’s creative flair for high-quality image and video content, together with its integration with Facebook’s ad platform, make it a powerful digital marketing tool.

As your Instagram ads management agency, we’ll make your message stand out from the rest by tailoring a bespoke approach to hitting your targets. From brand discovery to shopping, Instagram advertising offers a wealth of opportunity to reach new customers.

Facebook Ads

There are now over 2.9 billion monthly active users on Facebook. It’s a staggering number that represents an exciting advertising opportunity for businesses of all sizes. Facebook gathers a wealth of information on its users, waiting to be tapped into.

Navigating through the wide array of ad options and interpreting campaign data might seem daunting. This is precisely where our expertise comes into play. We customize audience targeting and advertising tactics, prioritizing ROI at every phase.

YouTube Ads

Although Google owns YouTube, the advertising approach on YouTube is distinctly different from the usual pay-per-click or paid social campaigns.

Advertising on YouTube demands unique creative inputs and offers numerous custom options exclusive to the platform.

Our comprehensive digital marketing agency possesses the proficiency to handle everything from generating ideas and creating content, to distributing it and analyzing the results.

Spotify Ads

Advertising on Spotify typically involves the use of audio ads, which may be paired with a branded video or image, and are placed between songs, podcasts, and playlists, primarily on Spotify's free version.

With our Spotify advertising services, you can leverage the 361 million ad-supported monthly users to ensure your ads reach a broad audience.

We are dedicated to boosting your brand's presence and enhancing lead generation by employing outstanding creative approaches.

Data and Agency Creativity Combined in a Solid Strategy

We implement a variety of effective strategies to drive brand awareness and generate high-quality leads that meet client objectives. By using data to refine and optimise our approach, we deliver outstanding results that help you stand out in a crowded social media landscape. 

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