Content marketing is a term that most, if not all, B2B brands will have heard. So what is content marketing and what can it do for a B2B brand?

Brands in the B2B space need to use every tool at their disposal to reach, grow and engage their target audience. While earned media – coverage in relevant third-party publications that your audience consumes – and paid media such as advertising can get you so far, these are only part of the puzzle.…

It is one of the deepest ironies in business, to me, that the sector which does the worst job at communicating itself is… the advertising industry.

The agencies started it. Most of them are a labyrinthine mess comprising hundreds of distinct operating units and sub-agencies. Behold, Publicis Groupe’s confusing announcement of Publicis One, a consolidation into, well, four divisions.

For an industry which prides itself on “storytelling”, this inability to effectively communicate a service offering should come as something of an embarrassment.…

A couple of weeks ago Ev Williams, one of the founders of Twitter, came clean about some of the problems he was facing with his online publishing platform Medium.

He explained why 2016 had been a stellar year for Medium with “key metrics, such as readers and published posts up approximately 300% year on year.” Williams acknowledged, though, that the main ploy he had hatched for monetising the business – a native advertising solution – hadn’t worked out how he had envisaged.…

Entering into a relationship with a PR company isn’t something to be taken lightly. Carefully selecting the right agency is important – they need to understand your company and product, and have a clear vision of how you can work together. We’ve written before about how to select a PR agency – this article will guide you through what to do next.

1. Be prepared to work together
The key word here is ‘together’. You can’t simply sign the contract and assume that the coverage will start to roll in from that point on.…

The discipline of public relations is changing fast, and this will be to the benefit of everyone: From the end customer; the client; the journalist, to the PR professional. The only ones set to lose out are those who don’t anticipate the changes and refuse to adapt their ways of working. So what does the PR agency of the future look like?

Content will play a bigger part
Brands are recognising that they need to offer their customers, fans and advocates better ways to engage with them.…

Samsung has finally revealed what caused several of its Galaxy 7 Note smartphones to overheat and catch fire.

It turns out that there were several separate issues in batteries which it had sourced from two different suppliers. Samsung has spent the last few months testing 200,000 devices and 30,000 batteries at a test facility to find out what these issues were, and held an event yesterday to explain its findings to the media.

But despite Samsung’s obvious commitment to solving the technical issues, this whole incident has exposed shortcomings in Samsung’s crisis communications procedures.…

By Sami McCabe

Does the truth matter any more?

Last month, 17.4 million people in the UK voted to leave the EU – a decision influenced, one assumes, by a succession of outright lies peddled by Brexit campaigners.

To the amazement of everyone who follows US politics, Donald Trump – an amusing rank outsider just 12 months ago – is the Republican Party candidate for the President of the United States, riding a wave of populism fuelled by a litany of untruths.…

I was invited to chat to around 30 startups at the Emerge Clinic during Festival of Media Global today. In a market where differentiators are hard to come by and even more challenging to communicate in a compelling way, adtech startups are faced with a choice: Communicate your proposition clearly or jump on the jargon bandwagon with everyone else in order to be understood.

So, here are five ways to get noticed in the cluttered world of adtech:

No-one cares about your product: Try to remember that no-one gives a shit about your product, or your business.

It’s a phrase that PR agencies and clients like to trot out – more often than not during the pitch – and everyone says “yes, great idea!” and then it usually goes one of two ways. It withers on the vine, due to lack of resources; or ends up as some horrifically over-branded marketing content that’s never going to be shared.


So what makes a video go viral? I’ve had two videos on my Facebook that have had considerable shares and while the things they covered are very different, the basic principle is the same.

The journey of Clarity PR over the past (nearly) four years has been a challenging one, mirroring the ups and downs of many of the tech startups that we cut our collective teeth working with.

However, we’ve emerged stronger than ever, with a very talented team of creative, dedicated and inspired individuals, and we’re continuing to grow. While our growth is another story, here’s a related tale – that of Clarity branching out from what has been our traditional service offering to date.…


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