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Utilise market intelligence to ‘think audience first’ and create campaigns that speak to the true needs of your target market

The ability to take a step back, assess the situation and plot the best next step, that’s something we pride ourselves on.

Alex JuddHead of Insight, Clarity

Our intelligence services utilise innovative technology and in-depth market analysis to uncover powerful insights into how your audience thinks and feels. Beyond behaviour analytics, our intelligence services shine a light on the topics that truly matter to your audience and how they’re influenced by competitors so that you can steer the conversation in your category. 

With our always-on competitor monitoring we keep one finger on the pulse of new innovations and technological threats within your category so you can stay ahead. 

Some awards and recognition we’ve received.

Find Direction and Have Confidence in Your Next Moves

Our intelligence services shine a light on how best to play the field, by identifying the right metrics, audience challenges and competitive threats you need to keep an eye on in crowded categories. 

Intelligence breeds confidence, as you can feel rest assured in your marketing and communications decisions knowing they’re informed by hard evidence and innovative thought. 


Only the Right Metrics Can Uncover Powerful Audience Insights

Even the most tech-savvy brands can drown in data and metrics, dashboards aplenty. But a lucrative strategy comes from filtering out only the most valuable sets of data that uncover audience insights beyond behaviour into how they think and feel.

You Might Know What Your Challenges Are, But Do You Know Why? 

Thinking ‘audience first’ is about asking ‘why’ to understand the obstacles between your brand and your target market. Thorough market intelligence can unveil how your brand is perceived, but more importantly why it is perceived that way in relation to competitors and brand strategy. 



Contributed to a 260% increase in earned share of voice and an 18% increase in share of search for McKinsey, making them the number one in their competitor set and the semiconductor thought leader.


Contributed to a 200% increase in app downloads, reaching 100,000+, for Streetbeat.

Clarity has been a critical component in establishing the Neato Robotics premium brand in the minds of the media and consumers alike. The Clarity team comprises that rare combination of intellect, creativity, and execution. They consistently deliver high-impact marketing programs that deliver business goals. Most importantly, the Clarity team has become a partner.

Howard LeydaVP Marketing, Neato Robotics


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