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A Full-Funnel Digital Strategy that Exceeded Targets by a Landslide

Despite being a household name, this client needed a full-funnel digital strategy to boost brand awareness and lead generation for their emerging business arm.

The Challenge

Although our client offered competitive services and had a globally recognized brand, they faced low brand awareness in their operational regions. This disadvantage placed them behind well-established industry competitors, posing a significant challenge in our digital strategy.

Furthermore, the inability to install conversion tracking on their website meant critical data for reporting and campaign optimization was inaccessible. Without these insights, we had to develop creative solutions to identify which activities were driving conversions.

Strategy and Solution

Brand awareness

To elevate brand visibility, we leveraged visual and engaging ad formats:

YouTube and Google Display Ads: These platforms were used to generate broad awareness and take advantage of Google's extensive advertising network. Video content was at the core of these campaigns, highlighting the company's logistics capabilities and expert services.

LinkedIn Video Ads: LinkedIn's professional network was crucial for reaching decision-makers within target businesses. Video ads provided a dynamic medium to convey the company's unique selling propositions and build trust.

Microsoft Display Ads: These ads complemented our efforts on Google by expanding reach, particularly in business-focused environments. This format maximized exposure and reinforced the brand message across additional touchpoints.

Lead Generation

For direct lead generation, hyper-targeted advertising formats were employed:

Google Search Ads: Immediate visibility in search results ensured that the company’s services appeared when prospective clients were actively seeking logistics solutions.

LinkedIn InMail Ads: Personalized InMail messages, delivered directly to the inboxes of potential leads, enabled a more intimate and targeted approach. This facilitated higher engagement rates and more meaningful connections.

Conversion Tracking

Given the absence of on-site conversion tracking, we implemented offline conversion tracking methods to ensure the ad accounts optimized for priority conversion events. 

Content and SEO

All visual content, including images and videos, were crafted by our in-house content studio to ensure consistency and quality.

Meanwhile, our SEO team worked diligently on optimizing the company's online presence, focusing on driving high-quality organic traffic to the website. This involved:

  • Implementing on-page SEO strategies like keyword optimization, improving site structure, and enhancing page load speeds.
  • Developing content marketing strategies like blog posts, whitepapers, and case studies to establish thought leadership and attract organic traffic.


Brand Awareness


We exceeded our YouTube video views target by 8%, indicating strong engagement and interest in our video content.


The cost-per-video view on LinkedIn was 88% under target, proving remarkable efficiency in our video campaigns.


Click volume for Microsoft Display Ads was 54% over target, significantly boosting traffic and visibility from our display ads.




We exceeded our lead target by 25%, showcasing the effectiveness of our comprehensive approach to driving quality business opportunities.


The cost-per-lead was reduced by 23% compared to the target, demonstrating our ability to improve cost-efficiency through precise targeting and continuous adjustments.

Boost your brand AND generate leads

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