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Get Criss Angel (Mindfreak) to promote holograms and HYPERVSN

HYPERVSN is the developer of a 3D holographic system that provides an immersive experience for viewers. The proprietary hardware works in conjunction with a platform of unique and robust software/content to provide customers with an integrated 360, high-quality business solution for a variety of end uses including Digital Signage, Retail, Events, Education, Public Safety, and many more.

Company Goal:

Immerse the world in holographic technology

Clarity's Challenge:

Break through the CES noise machine


Already working with Clarity’s London office, HYPERVSN came to Clarity in NY with the specific goal of maximizing their participation at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2019.

HYPERVSN would be launching two new products at the show, and they had high expectations for garnering media attention at the show. They wanted to generate a considerable quantity of tier-one coverage, conduct 50+ on-site interviews and secure at least one appearance on a major network television morning show.

Clarity NY worked closely with their UK colleagues in the planning stages, learning from experiences with the flagship HYPERVSN product at the IFA show in Berlin. With the extra insights, the NY team was able to develop strategies that would build on the prior successes.

To break through the considerable “noise” at CES, Clarity proposed HYPERVSN secure a celebrity spokesperson whose notoriety would guarantee on-site media attention. Multiple options were explored, and Criss Angel, whose renown as an illusionist is symbiotic with HYPERVSN’s holographic technology, was ultimately selected for the campaign.

With the celebrity on board, Clarity began its ambitious and far-reaching media outreach, securing interest from key target outlets including lifestyle, advertising, virtual and augmented reality, business and general technology publications.

At CES, two of the Clarity team provided onsite support, facilitating interviews with prominent outlets including CNET, Marketplace, GQ, Fortune, Forbes,  The Verge, Wired, Digital Trends, USA Today, TechCrunch, Mashable, CBS Interactive, VentureBeat and CNN.

Following the event, Clarity secured an additional opportunity with the Today Show, and the HYPERVSN device was prominently displayed throughout the aired segment.


  • Clarity exceeded the campaign targets for coverage, interviews and even the TV appearance
  • The campaign generated sales leads from a major television network
  • The organic coverage in print and digital outlets had a potential reach of 356,564,949

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