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Brewing up a media storm for KEURIG's new coffee products

Coffee machine

Coffee insights, coffee events and coffee influencers. Here’s how Clarity brewed up a storm to boost Keurig's product launches.


Two product launches 


Three TV interviews


18 top-tier media features


Known for their epic drink, Dr. Pepper, Keurig is also a leading technology company producing the best coffee machines in the market. In 2021, we helped them launch their new product, the K Supreme Plus Smart. A year later, they came back to their favourite PR partner Clarity to launch the K-Cafe SMART. 

The Challenge

As the K Supreme Plus Smart was Keurig’s first product in the home-brewing space, they needed to retain their reputation as a high-quality coffee manufacturer who puts their customers first. Luckily, the team at Keurig are data-lovers, just like Clarity. Both product launch strategies had to be drenched in consumer insights, to find out how Keurig customers take their coffee - one sugar or two?


It turned out that, instead of sugar, most Keurig customers’ preferred to add a shot caramel! On top of this, we discovered that 45 US states liked their coffee to have an intense flavour, and that 33% more coffee is sipped at Christmas. Beyond consumer habits, we found out what would make Keurig’s target market tick, and could therefore build out a data-led strategy to leverage this.

Our Strategy & Solution

We used insights about Keurig’s customers to form an influencer PR strategy, as we partnered with loveable (and coffee-loving) celebrities, Jason Oppenheim and Alex Hall, stars of Selling Sunset and Selling the OC. They helped us develop co-branded recipes that could be made with Keurig’s products - including a custom caramel espresso martini that aligned with our consumer insights. 

Alongside an infographic sharing our coffee consumer findings, we went out to press with our celebrity endorsed recipes. This was timed with a sommelier-esque tasting experience for top media as well as a walk through of three of Keurig’s most popular pods and corresponding food pairings.