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Launching never-before seen AI for Lightricks

Leveraging strong media relations to win in a competitive AI market 

Lightricks is the Al company behind well-known apps and tools like Facetune, Photoleap and Videoleap. When they created their innovative new product LT Studio, an Al video production tool, they wanted to hit the market with a bang. 

They aimed to become a market leader and win in their category. However, a few weeks prior, renowned OpenAI released their own AI video production tool Sora. 

Our Strategy & Solution

Clarity strategically prioritized offering in-depth demos to top tech/Al press, as well as early access to the platform, allowing VIP media to understand the tech and experience LTX Studio's unique technologies firsthand.

We secured demos with Charlie Fink from Forbes, Ina Fried from Axios, Ivan Mehta from TechCrunch and Ryan Morrison from Tom's Guide.

In addition to the demos with key targets, Clarity conducted tailored outreach to additional verticals (including entertainment, marketing, and creator economy trades), positioning LTX Studio as an innovative new Al tool for video creation across various audiences.


At launch, 19 pieces of coverage went live in TechCrunch, Adweek, Axios, Tom's Guide, MarTech Series, TechBrew and more.

Following the launch, Clarity continued the momentum through its thought leadership program, securing an interview for Lightricks' CEO with Variety to contribute to their upcoming ‘Al in Film’ report and an additional review with American Cinematographer.