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Rapyd: A Rapyd mural launch across the UK

Rapyd is a payment provider, enabling businesses and consumers to engage in local and cross-border transactions in any market quicker than ever before. Rapyd have a stick-it-to-the-man mentality, showing small businesses there is another way beyond traditional institutions.

The Challenge

Clarity was tasked with increasing brand awareness, driving website visits and earning media coverage with a campaign you wouldn't normally expect from a payment processor. Our Creative, Content Production, PR & Social teams united to produce an integrated campaign, rooted in the creative concept of celebrating a city’s independent businesses through the eyes of local artists.

Our Solution

We did a UK & Ireland tour, visiting 9 different cities, working with 9 local artists, and producing various art displays in areas with a high index of small independent businesses. We orchestrated the production of murals on large buildings, nighttime projections, and on the side of a van.

Our team interviewed 27 businesses across the UK & Ireland, capturing the story of the art and the businesses via a large-scale video production. We produced 15 pieces of video content as well as a hero film.

We invited press to the locations and seeded out the video content on Rapyd’s website and social media channels, as well as asking each artist & business involved to push out the content & link back to Rapyd.

Selected Press

The Results


pieces of media coverage secured overall (incl. 4 syndications)


broadcast features


total UMVs


views on social media


pieces of Scottish national coverage


inclusion in documentary