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Strategic paid search for 600% ROI

Accelerating the growth of a leading B2B FinTech by optimising their paid search strategy

Cost-per-lead also improved by 49%


Click-through-rate increased by 28%


475% increase in leads

CellPoint Digital is a B2B tech company that provides payment orchestration platforms for clients in a number of industries, from travel and e-commerce to gaming and airlines. 

With a new website they were ready to scale their lead generation globally, so they came to us to help them reach their target audiences and grow their business. 

Whilst they had set out a broad target audience, it was our task to refine their key personas and industries, hone their messaging and strategise their PPC campaign structure and objectives. 

The Challenge

Due to a lack of data, we had limited existing insight with which to identify key target personas. So, in order to refine their audience we had to understand which leads were having a tangible impact on the business. 

To counteract this challenge we worked closely with the client to organise and iron out all conversion tracking issues with the new landing pages and CRM platform to enable full-funnel tracking before we started testing. This gave us valuable data about the keywords and personas that worked best to capture the attention of a refined target audience.

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Our Strategy & Solution  

First, we completed a full-scale audit of their existing ads and landing pages to make suggestions for their website that would better suit lead generation. For example, we suggested a new UX to replace old landing pages that led audiences through multiple pages and lengthy forms to book demos. 

We then utilised CellPoint’s existing target audience to gain insight into which sectors and companies would be high-quality leads. By bidding on unspecific keywords like ‘payment gateway’ we gained a broad set of leads with which we could identify high-intent keywords. 

For Phase Two, we looked at Hubspot for full post-conversion data to analyse high-value keywords that turned to MQL and pipeline. This enabled us to further optimise our ads’ targeting to maximise performance.


It’s all well and good to measure clicks and lead conversions in B2B PPC, but with high value deals and niche markets, these can be vanity metrics that look good on a slide deck but not in financials. 

CellPoint generously granted us the flexibility and time to take a test and learn approach, collecting a wide range of data to inform more tactical targeting. This meant our results exceeded their expectations, increasing leads and shaping their PPC going forward.

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