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CLARITY CONNECTIONS: MEETING SEIGRAdi, our italian communications partner

At Clarity, we enhance reputation, create impact, and drive growth for our clients, wherever they - or their audiences - are in the world. We have teams with digital marketing, website development, public affairs, and communications expertise across our UK, Benelux, East and West Coast U.S., and Australian offices, alongside a fantastic network of partners, our Clarity Connections, that expand our services even further.

In this blog, we’ll be chatting with Barbara Gemma La Malfa, Managing Director of Italian communications firm, Seigradi. HQed in Milan, Seigradi is one of the leading public relations, digital PR, and marketing communications in Italy. Clients include national and international companies, associations and national and international non-profit organizations. Find out more about Seigradi here.

Ciao Barbara! Give us your elevator pitch for what Seigradi does?

Certainly! Seigradi is not just a PR agency; it's a strategic partner helping clients navigate the intricate landscape of Italian media and market dynamics. At the helm, I have steered Seigradi since its inception in 2003, transforming it into a cradle of innovation, where traditional PR blends with digital strategies to create a unique narrative for each client. 

Our roots are deeply embedded in the tech industry, where we act as the bridge that connects the world’s innovative tech companies with Italy’s vibrant market. Drawing inspiration from the "six degrees of separation" theory, Seigradi symbolizes the minimal distance between a brand and its audience, ensuring messaging doesn’t just reach the right ears but resonates deeply. Our campaigns are crafted to reflect the essence of each brand, making every communication not just seen, but felt.

Barbara Gemma La Malfa, Managing Director Seigradi

Which team do you predominantly work with at Clarity, and what kind of work do you do together?

At Seigradi, we're proud to be part of Clarity Connections, the network of the best independent agencies in key markets across the globe. We primarily collaborate with Clarity teams dedicated to orchestrating global campaigns, offering them invaluable local insights and support—an advantage that only an agency deeply ingrained in its locale, like Seigradi, can provide.

Our partnership with Clarity spans a wide array of activities, all carefully crafted to meet the nuanced requirements of international clients looking to either establish or enhance their presence in the Italian market. Seigradi brings to the table years of experience bolstering the awareness of international companies in Italy. Throughout the years, we've honed our ability to serve as a vital on-the-ground partner, offering strategic advice and customized support that aligns with our clients' ambitions and challenges.

Our organizational flexibility is at the heart of our approach, enabling us to seamlessly adjust to the specific needs or budgetary constraints of any client. This makes Seigradi not just a partner but a dependable and effective extension of international PR agencies like Clarity, ensuring that the global campaigns we collaborate on resonate with key stakeholders, and are impactful, and aligned with the clients' strategic goals.

What is the biggest trend or innovation that Seigradi is championing in 2024?

In 2024, Seigradi is championing the integration of AI in public relations and marketing communications as the biggest trend and innovation in our field. The use of AI-driven analytics enables us to foresee the effectiveness of messaging, and pinpoint the most impactful channels to reach specific audience groups. This enhanced proactive and precise approach to campaign planning and execution grants our clients a distinctive advantage in the swiftly changing digital arena.

Moreover, our exploration of AI extends to automating routine tasks, which in turn frees our team to focus their efforts on creative and strategic initiatives. This strategic shift towards AI-enhanced processes is a testament to our dedication to staying ahead in PR’s technological evolution, ensuring we deliver solutions that are not only innovative and effective but also efficient.

Beyond AI, in 2024 Seigradi is championing the strategic fusion of digital PR with SEO. Recognizing this seamless integration as critical for our clients' success, we are dedicated to pursuing strategies that marry compelling content creation with SEO. Our approach involves crafting narratives that not only captivate and engage target audiences, but also secure a prominent stance on search engine results pages (SERPs). This dual-focused tactic is instrumental in significantly expanding our clients' digital footprint. 

By enhancing their online authority and driving organic traffic to their content, we ensure that their stories resonate widely and effectively. This commitment to integrating digital PR with SEO stands as a testament to our innovative spirit and our relentless pursuit of delivering measurable, impactful results for our clients.

Do you have a case study of some truly innovative work you’ve done recently that you’d like to share? 

Certainly, we are immensely proud to share an innovative project we undertook in 2023. It was a challenging and stimulating initiative aimed at integrating a comprehensive press office within the broader framework of our client's brand campaign. The goal was to convey and amplify the client's key messages using a strategy that cleverly employed irony to engage the audience. 

This approach necessitated a deep understanding of the client’s brand identity, and the creativity to translate this into content that resonated with both the media and the target audience. The success of this campaign not only lay in its ability to stand out in a crowded market, but also in its contribution to the broader objectives of the client's brand campaign, emphasizing the importance of integrated communication strategies.

Moreover, our innovative approach extends to how we assist foreign companies in increasing their visibility and credibility as they launch into the Italian market. This goes beyond the traditional role of a PR agency. Instead, we act as strategic partners, leveraging our local expertise and network to help them navigate the Italian market’s complexities. 

We offer tailored solutions that encompass market analysis, cultural adaptation of messaging, and strategic media placements. This not only ensures that our clients' messages are effectively communicated but also that they resonate with the local audience, fostering a strong brand presence.

This innovative strategy includes employing digital tools and platforms to analyze market trends, audience preferences, and competitive landscapes, providing our clients with insights that inform their market entry strategies. Additionally, we craft culturally nuanced content that bridges language and cultural gaps, ensuring messages are not just translated but adapted to fit the Italian context. 

Tell me about your team - who is who and what’s your culture like?

Seigradi is a boutique agency, and we operate with a core team dedicated to managing the heart of our business - public relations and digital strategies. This team is supported by a dynamic network of collaborators who come on board as required, extending our capabilities into various marketing communications realms as per our clients' unique needs.

Embracing the modern work culture, we primarily operate in a smart working environment, valuing flexibility and the benefits it brings to our team's creativity, productivity, and well-being. This approach has also led us to fully endorse digital nomadism, allowing our team members to work from anywhere.

Our culture is built on collaboration, innovation, and a deep mutual respect that transcends traditional work hierarchies. We encourage continuous learning and adaptability, ensuring we stay ahead of industry trends to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Our methodology emphasizes the collective effort, valuing each member's unique contributions equally and fostering an environment where open communication reigns supreme. This collaborative spirit allows us to tackle the diverse challenges our clients face, ensuring we deliver solutions that are not just effective but truly innovative.

Central to our team's success is the principle of continuous learning and adaptability, acknowledging the ever-evolving landscape of public relations and digital marketing. Each team member is encouraged to stay abreast of industry trends, tools, and methodologies, contributing fresh insights and strategies to our collective knowledge pool. This dedication to staying at the forefront of our industry ensures we leverage the latest advancements to our clients' advantage.

Within this dynamic and supportive team environment, a special mention is deserved for my trusted right-hand man and friend, Stefano Turi. Beginning his Seigradi journey as an intern, Stefano has demonstrated exceptional growth, becoming an indispensable partner for me and for the Seigradi team.

Barbara and Stefano Turi visiting London

Clarity’s vision is to help visionary companies worldwide build a better tomorrow - could you share any examples of what Seigradi is doing that fits under this theme?

Seigradi plays a pivotal role in empowering innovative startups to bring their ambitious visions to life. We recognize that groundbreaking ideas are crucial for redefining the future, yet without strategic communications, these transformative concepts risk remaining hidden, misunderstood, or ignored. The essence of our work at Seigradi is to bridge this gap, ensuring that the world not only sees but understands, and values, the innovative solutions these startups offer.

At the heart of Seigradi's approach is the belief that professional PR expertise is not just an asset but a necessity for startups aiming to disrupt industries and effect positive change. We delve deep into understanding each startup's unique strengths, benefits, and potential social impact, crafting narratives that resonate with their target audience, and society at large. Our commitment goes beyond merely promoting a product or service; it's about building a distinct brand identity that captures the essence of the startup, and sets it apart in a competitive landscape.

Moreover, our role encompasses identifying the most effective channels to convey these messages, engaging the target audience with compelling content that sparks interest and conversation. Beyond visibility, we also focus on safeguarding the startup's reputation, employing proactive measures to anticipate and manage potential crises and ensuring transparent and respectful communication with all stakeholders.

Anything else you want to add?

Absolutely, in addition to what we have shared, our commitment is to continue evolving, investing in emerging technologies, and developing skills that respond to our clients' changing needs, providing innovative, personalized, and measurable solutions. Moreover, we are committed to fostering brand communications that are genuine, enlightening, and captivating. Our mission transcends mere execution of tasks; we aspire to collaborate intimately with our clients, crafting communication strategies that genuinely stand out.

Should your vision resonate with ours, we warmly encourage you to reach out. You may find that our capacity to support your endeavors exceeds your expectations!
Want to find out more about Clarity’s Connections around the world, and across marketing and communications services? Check out our Clarity Connections page.

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