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GoCardless VP Reveals Strategies for Navigating the Fintech Landscape

By Alice Spraggon

In the latest episode of the FINITE Podcast, Nicola Hamilton, VP Marketing, Brand and Communications at GoCardless, delves into the intricacies of the 2024 fintech industry, and provides insight into the evolving landscapes of product-led growth and brand development - two converging areas for marketing leaders. 

As proud sponsors of the FINITE Podcast we’re pleased to share key insights from each episode, helping you to boost your brand and impact strategies for enhanced growth and reputation. Thank you to FINITE for hosting these thrilling conversations, helping to define marketing and communications trends in B2B tech. FINITE is a community of B2B marketing leaders around the world, supported by Clarity.

Find the full episode here: 

A Fintech journey from Euro Disney to GoCardless

Nicola's journey from a stint as a cowboy at Euro Disney to her role at GoCardless has been nothing short of fascinating. With a background working with tech giants like Microsoft and fast-moving fintechs like GoCardless, her experiences set the stage for understanding the nuances of the industry.

Exploring the Shift: Product-Led Growth vs. Brand

The conversation explored the distinction between product-led growth and brand strategy, challenging the notion that the two are mutually exclusive. Nicola sheds light on why B2B tech companies often opt for a product-led approach initially, and how it can pose challenges in the long run. She determined that product-led approaches can be attractive for high-pressure startups looking for fast growth. However, in a competitive environment they often fail to recognize the importance of brand marketing, and some even neglect it all together. A good product can only get you so far: brand gets you further. 

Strategic Alliances and Global Expansion

Nicola’s marketing strategy covers all communications areas such as earned media, content marketing, and an increasing presence on social media. She talks about GoCardless' sponsorship of Swim England, providing insight into how strategic partnerships contribute to both brand awareness and commercial success. Nicola urges listeners to think outside the box when it comes to partnerships, to look at the data and find correlations between where your audience pays attention, and where you have the opportunity to show up. In general, Nicola emphasizes the importance of strategic partnerships in navigating the competitive fintech landscape.  

Internal Communication: Breaking Down Silos

Nicola also stressed the importance of internal communications within organizations. By breaking down silos and fostering collaboration between teams, marketers can leverage each other's efforts more effectively. This approach becomes even more crucial in the current business environment which prioritizes lean strategies that deliver maximum value.

Nicola left the audience with a valuable piece of advice—internal communication is key. In an ever-evolving fintech landscape, collaboration and leveraging opportunities across teams can be the key to sustained success.

Nicola's journey, coupled with GoCardless' strategies, offers a compelling narrative for B2B enthusiasts and business leaders seeking to navigate the complex relationship between product-led growth and brand marketing in the competitive world of finance and technology.

Clarity’s heritage is in the fintech sector. Reach out to our team today to find out how we can support your fintech brand’s growth and reputation.

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