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Marketing strategies under pressure with Edgar Rouwenhorst

For brands to get ahead in a fast-paced environment, their marketing teams need to be on the pulse of peer-led advice from other players in their field. That’s why we sponsor FINITE which is the global community for B2B marketers in tech and SaaS companies. 

FINITE’s members range from interns to CMOs, but their challenges are the same: Build brand presence and generate leads in a competitive tech marketplace. With tactics from as recent as 2019 already seeming out of date, it's important for FINITE members to listen and learn from each other and the thought leaders that FINITE showcases as experts constantly. 

One of these thought leaders is Edgar Rouwenhorst, a veteran CMO with a background in B2B tech at companies like Mollie, Superb and iZettle. I interviewed Edgar in August for our regular FINITE Podcast where we discussed top-level strategies for when marketing organizations face pressure, whether that’s internal or external. 

Listen to the episode here

If you’re short on time, we’ve summarized its key points for you to read here: 

Product-market fit isn’t the most important thing:

While commercial teams should be aware of product-market fit, their primary concern should be the audience-channel fit. In other words, understanding the audience and finding the right channels to reach them. 

Fundamental objectives always stay the same: 

Marketing strategies may evolve, but the fundamental objective of all strategies remains consistent – influencing customer decisions. Edgar highlighted that while the channels and tactics may change, the core goal of guiding customer behavior remains central. 

Efficiency over budget cuts: 

Under pressure, many organizations may consider cutting marketing budgets. However, Edgar cautioned against this approach. Instead of focusing on reducing the budget, he suggested optimizing spending in various channels and evaluating their impact on different stages of the funnel. Efficiency and a balanced mix of channels can lead to better results.

Maintain a strong in-house team: 

Edgar emphasized the importance of having certain roles in-house, particularly those related to product marketing, performance marketing, and roles that directly interact with users. These roles contribute to a deeper understanding of the product, the market, and user feedback. While agencies can offer specialized expertise, core marketing roles should be a part of the internal team to ensure agility and quick decision-making. 

Align with customer success:

Communication between marketing and customer success teams is vital. Edgar suggested that marketers should periodically take over customer success responsibilities to gain insights into user feedback and their challenges. This firsthand experience informs marketing decisions and content creation.

Plan for the future:

The rapidly changing tech landscape demands that marketers plan for both the present and the future. Edgar advised marketers to anticipate future challenges and needs, developing campaigns that address potential problems consumers may face tomorrow. Flexibility and adaptability are key in an uncertain environment.

If you’d like to join the FINITE community, you can do so for free here:  

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