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Clarity and Akima join Forces in Germany

Three questions to Volker Schmidt and Alexander Fink on the new powerhouse for IT and disruption PR

Akima Media and Clarity PR have announced their cooperation. It will create a new full-service provider of PR and digital communications consulting in the DACH region, with an international network for extensive national and international client support in more than 20 markets worldwide. That is good reason to talk about the new setup with the two directors. Who benefits and how? What precisely is the business model and why are new agencies needed in the first place?

Let’s start with the most exciting question: Why is Akima Clarity needed? Aren’t there enough agencies already in the market?

Alexander Fink: Not at all. Digitalization is also not leaving the communication sector untouched. And that’s why we need new agencies that support in particular clients from small and medium-sized enterprises in a global and digital environment – they have to think and work like SMEs, yet also have global expertise. That’s what differentiates us. Smaller agencies often have too local an orientation, while large networks are usually too expensive and are often not interested in this type of clients. We’re the right partner here – one that thinks and works in an agile, international and pragmatic way. But our new setup means we also offer global companies a feasible alternative to the big networks, which are all undergoing a significant, very inward-looking transformation at the moment.

Volker Schmidt: It’s also not about “more” agencies, but rather a new consulting approach, a new and innovative agency model. And that’s exactly what we offer with Akima Clarity – a genuine powerhouse for IT and disruptive PR that combines a comprehensive traditional and digital communication and marries in-depth IT tech expertise with an understanding of the digital economy, the related change processes and the insights from the Silicon Valley. It means we can provide even more extensive advice not only to local and international clients in the fields of IT, technology and digital disruption, i.e. SMEs with new, digital business models, but also serve established players who want to actively shape the digital transformation

That makes sense. But what precisely are the two partners contributing?

Alexander Fink: First, Akima is contributing its many years of experience in the entire development of tech PR. It has the right media contacts, an impressive client portfolio, a powerful shareholder in Faktenkontor that comes from the media analytics sector and significantly expands the analytics expertise available to clients, as well as Volker Schmidt and his excellent team, with whom I’ve already worked with very successfully in the past. Our business is a people business relying on well proven values among us and towards the clients. For its part, Clarity brings with it an understanding of the dynamics of the digital economy, a range of exciting tools for the PR industry, and extensive experience in transformation and crisis communication, especially in the context of the digitalization of companies and business models.

Volker Schmidt: Not to forget our network of highly specialized, owner-managed agencies comprising over 400 communications experts in more than 20 markets worldwide. At the end of the day, it is a perfect match – not only because we complement each other perfectly in terms of expertise, competencies, client portfolio and tools, but also because the working relationship between Alexander and me has proven its worth over the years and now two agencies with a very similar spirit are coming together.

What does the new business model look like? And what does that mean for existing and new clients?

Volker Schmidt: Akima Clarity is the result of a strategic partnership. It goes without saying that the existing client relationships and contractual provisions will not change. Instead, existing and new clients will now get additional competences and skills that both partners will mutually contribute – in particular expertise, but also manpower, networks and tools.

Alexander Fink: Clients being supported in their crisis communication can now benefit from enhanced digital crisis prevention programs and tools, for example, while companies can leverage our expanded analytics portfolio or strong, integrated campaigning skills. All in all, we at
Akima Clarity are now able to provide holistic consulting with a much stronger range of services, especially for digitally transforming B2B companies – from the well-funded start-up to a large group – within a wide range of different industries.

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