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Inspiring the Next Generation: Our Day with King Solomon Academy's Students

By Alex Judd

Head of Insight

In a world brimming with untapped potential and undiscovered passions, the adage by activist Marian Wright Edelman still rings true: "You can't be what you can't see." It's one of the main challenges DEI initiatives face: if there aren't people like you following a certain career path, you may not choose to follow it yourself, in fact you may not even be aware of it in the first place.

PR and Marketing are industries that, like many others, struggle with a lack of diversity. Nearly half of all UK marketing agencies were found to be 100% white in 2023, which was a 4% increase compared to the year before. Furthermore, the CIPR claims UK public relations practitioners are 90% white, and 25% privately educated - with the latter being four times higher than the UK national average.

At Clarity, we strive to create impact and build a better tomorrow, and key to this is increasing diversity of all kinds in our agency and sector, globally. We know that a diverse team leads to more varied thinking, which ultimately results in a better culture for our people, and stronger results for our clients. Reflecting that, one of the key objectives of our internal DEI Taskforce is to help build a more diverse PR and Marketing sector, and we’re working to do this by inspiring young people from all walks of life.

Actions for a positive future

We were delighted to be invited to West London’s King Solomon Academy to talk to their 14-15 year old students. Lareece, Louisa and Alex from our London team joined a group of professionals from a variety of industries to talk to the students about our careers: what our jobs are, the skills required, how we got there, and how they can get there too. 

Our collective aim was to broaden the horizons of these young people, exposing them to a wider array of career possibilities while honing their networking skills. Throughout the day, between the three of us, we engaged around 30 pairs of students, delving into the worlds of public relations, public affairs, and brand strategy. 

Inspiring the next generation

Just how do you explain these nebulous jobs to teenagers? Well, that was all part of the challenge, here’s how we tackled it:


My job title is 'Head of Insight,' which might sound a bit vague at first. Essentially, my role is all about making sure brands stick in your mind. For instance, imagine you suddenly realize you need a new pair of trainers. Before you've even started looking around or talking to anyone about it, the first thought that pops into your head is, 'I want a pair of Nikes.' How does that happen? That's where I come in. If I was working for Nike, I’d get into understanding the kind of people Nike wants to reach—what grabs their attention, what matters to them. Then, I’d guide Nike on what they should say and do in their marketing so that, even if you're not actively thinking about trainers right now, when you do, Nike is the first name that comes to mind."

Alex JuddHead of Insight, Clarity


A public affairs career is perfect for anyone who’s interested in anything to do with politics and government. My job in the public affairs role is to always be aware of what’s going on in the different levels of government, Parliament, and relevant organisations. I have to keep up-to-date with everything happening policy-wise in the industries that my clients operate in. On top of that is something called stakeholder engagement - where we reach out to relevant stakeholders (politicians and civil servants) who hold influence over these policies. Our main goal is to meet with them and explain what policies are beneficial to the industry, and which are not. So yes, we do get to go to Westminster (the UK Houses of Parliament) sometimes! We have clear and direct goals from our clients when it comes to engagement, so that we can be successful with these stakeholder meetings.” 

Louisa CerveroPublic Affairs and Comms Account Manager


A public relations career is all about connecting brands with people, whether that’s yourself, your parents, or grandparents. A public relations professional, like myself, helps create and maintain a positive image for their clients. We work with clients such as Samsung or Nike, celebrities, and even charities. Think about how you picked out your phone or trainers. What makes you think that the brand you’ve purchased from is good or cool? By talking to journalists and influencers, we can share a brand's message using tools like social media, press releases, events, and other methods to ensure we’re a part of the conversations that matter.”

Lareece BlenmanCommunications Account Manager

By the end of the day, we hope we sparked some curiosity and maybe even inspired a few students to explore paths they hadn't considered before. Interestingly, many were curious to understand how they could access our sector without a university degree. This is something we do not require in Clarity’s blind recruitment process as we judge on skills and cultural fit.

Are you interested in a career at Clarity? Reach out to our friendly People team today.

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